Blast away

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Blast away

Blast Chillers should be a standard in all commercial kitchens to save on unnecessary food waste and ensure HACCP compliance.

In fact it is a legal requirement in Australia and New Zealand to ensure that potentially hazardous food is cooled from 60°C to 21°C in a maximum of two hours and from 21°C to 5°C within a further maximum period of 4 hours.

To find out how fast your food is cooling, use a probe thermometer to measure the warmest part of the food – usually in the centre. If you find that your food is not being cooled within the required timeframes it is time to look at a blast chilling solution to ensure your customers and your business are protected.   

In our commercial kitchen space downstairs, we have 2 combi ovens and these ovens both have blast chillers underneath them. That way you can take the food out from the oven and place it in the blast chiller/freezer immediately.   

Blast chilling is a must-have technology in successful commercial kitchens, and Irinox Blast Chillers are the brand that sets global standards.

An Irinox blast chiller allows you to:

•    Minimise Food Waste & Cost – with a blast chiller, ingredients can be stored fresher for longer, allowing kitchens to buy more in-season produce
•    Maximise Food Safety – IRINOX blast chillers have food safety built in by providing extreme temperature accuracy, HACCP integration and a built-in Sanigen (sanitisation) system
•    Optimise Staff Costs – food can be prepped in bulk, giving kitchens the ability to produce the same quantities of food in half the time while ensuring a consistent level of food quality

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