Better Purevac That!

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I have to Purevac that! I have to Purevac that!

Using a PureVac for vacuum sealing transforms the way food is stored, preserved, prepared and cooked in commercial kitchens.

When someone says “better Purevac that”, they are making a smart choice.

Chefs like Ashley Palmer-Watts of Dinner by Heston at Crown Melbourne say it all the time.

I should Purevac that!

What chef wouldn't like the idea of reducing food costs, preventing food waste and creating efficiencies in the kitchen. If that sounds good then you really should use a PureVac Vacuum Sealer!

When you buy food that is in season or in bulk, you get to take advantage of lower prices, allowing you to save on food costs. Using vacuum sealing then to store the food will extend the shelf life 3-5 times longer reducing the need to purchase as frequently.

You can prevent food waste by using a PureVac vacuum sealer to create air-tight storage. With the air removed, there is less chance that food will spoil by exposure to air or bacteria.

Here's one I prepared earlier

By preparing food in advance and then vacuum sealing it in portions can assist in streamlining your operation.

Maximising Flavours

If you are looking to maximise flavours and retain nutrients in food? Well, you’ll need to PureVac. By locking out air with vacuum sealing, flavours are quickly infused and moisture locked in.

Marinating to add flavours into a product can be done in minutes instead of hours using PureVac. When you vacuum pack food with a marinade, flavour is rapidly infused as the lack of air means the food’s pores opens quickly which allows the marinade to be rapidly infused.

Locking in moisture through vacuum sealing is also an important consideration when rapidly chilling food as part of a cook/chill system. Cook/Chill is often used in production kitchens like hospitals and large hotels where food is cooked, vacuum sealed and rapidly chilled, ready to be heated at a later time for service.

Removing the air and locking in the moisture with PureVac before chilling helps retain all the flavours, colour and nutrients of the cooked food before it is brought back to temperature via a finishing (rethermalisation) process for serving.

Sous Vide means under vacuum!

Sous-vide is a gentle cooking style using water at consistently low temperatures to cook and infuse flavours so moisture is retained in delicate dishes.

PureVac’s superior seal technology is key to creating the air-tight seal essential for esxcellent sous-vide results.

Why PureVac Vacuum Packing Machines?

Meat tenderising – the tenderise option is especially developed to keep the vacuum chamber at a certain vacuum level for a longer period to tenderise a product. Tenderising allows for break down the muscle fibers in the product to soften the texture, making the product easier to chew and taste better. This is a vastly faster and safer way of tenderising products than through conventional methods.

Marinating – smart software in the PureVac causes cell structure to open up, allowing for maximum penetration of marinades to create better and more thoroughly marinated products. This results in more intense flavours with no extra equipment necessary and is far quicker than traditional marinating processes. Get better results from ten minutes marinating in the PureVac than you can in 24 hours in refrigeration!

Sequential vacuum – the Sequential vacuum function ensures all trapped air is extracted from the food product by extracting air, pausing the vacuum cycle, extracting the air again and so on. This is especially suitable for products that contain a lot of air like pate, cheese and chocolate mousse. With sequential vacuum you can now easily vacuum pack almost any product imaginable whilst ensuring the food integrity is maintained.

Liquid Control – this option was developed to pack liquids and most products, such as soups, sauces and marinades and detects the boiling point of the product during the vacuum cycle. When the product starts boiling, it switches automatically to the next phase of the cycle. This results in a reduced time of the vacuum phase, conserves the quality and weight of the product, protects the pump against corrosion and saves on cleaning, maintenance costs and spare parts. Plus you won’t be in danger of any exploding bags!

Purevac Vacuum Sealers

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