Angelo Po Combistar BX Combi-Oven

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The sturdy and essential combination oven

Description: The multifunctional Angelo Po combination oven Combistar BX is a heavy-duty machine that guarantees the optimal price-quality ratio. Digital, precise and equipped with cooking and heating programs, it can also be used with the innovative accessory to smoke/blacken.

The cooking quality improves thanks to the APM active system, which automatically adjusts to induct the right amount of heat, second by second.



Digital, programmable, COMBISTAR BX has touch keys to select cooking or reheating programs or to program manual cooking in Dry, Steam Or Combi Mode.

The cooking quality improves with the APM active system, which automatically measures the correct quantity of heat, time after time.

A perfect and even cooking every time, managed with precision, thanks to the AOC system for the active control of the cooking environment, also modularly in combi and dry mode.


From the moment you turn the machine on you get the assurance of an excellent quantity of steam homogeneously supplied in the steam and mixed cooking modes, thanks to the RDC innovative generator.

With the AWC automatic control of the fan’s rotation you can cook profitably and with more even, exploiting the air-stream turning, from clockwise to anticlockwise.

The new multi-function COMBISTAR BX combi oven is designed to guarantee the best value for money and the optimum angelo po standard.

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