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Vitamix 10089 Vita-Prep 3 Food Blender What could a commercial food blender do for your restaurant?

Blenders are well known in commercial food businesses for making smoothies and other delicious drink concoctions. What we tend to forget is that a commercial blender is equally valuable in the kitchen.

Ideally food is something that talented kitchen staff make by using original ingredients, then adding a touch of magic which turns that into something truly memorable.

It is important to note that it is not just the ingredients and skill that craft a great dish – you also need the best cooking equipment on hand. One of the most underrated items in a commercial kitchen is the food blender. It is always there to help turn a dish from great to amazing and one that is also multi-dimensional, providing countless applications and solutions.

Vitamix 10089 Vita-Prep 3 Food Blender

The Vitamix 10089 Vita-Prep 3 Food Blender is designed for food preparation in commercial kitchens, and it can easily handle extra-thick or tough ingredients.

The Vita-Prep® 3 is a real work-horse in the commercial kitchen. With a 3HP motor, it purees and blends faster and smoother than any other blender or food processor you may have used. The variable speed control also allows selection of the exact speed required to process every type of ingredient. The Vita-Prep® 3 has power when it needs it. The wet blade, combined with the use of the tamper stick, allows you to add ingredients slowly and push thick, viscous ingredients down around the blade while the machine is running.

Modern blenders

While in the past a blender was pretty basic, these days blenders offer multiple speed settings and much higher horsepower motors, making the options are almost limitless.

Need to make a chunky tomato dip? Done. Want to grind roasted nuts over a dish? Easy. From chopping and grinding to pureeing and juicing, blenders provide great diversity in the kitchen and are one of the most useful tools at your team's disposal.


The range of VITAMIX food blenders has been well-received by people across the culinary world. From those developing their skills to professional chefs, the fantastic combination of power, performance and versatility means the range has become an industry leader.

The impressive VITAMIX10089 has a number of outstanding technical advantages:

  • • The advanced cooling fan which has been engineered to perform reliably and consistently even during peak hours of operation.
  • • The 10 alternative speed settings mean kitchen staff can blend with precision and develop more creative and dramatic menu items.
  • • The 3-peak output horsepower motor that can chop tough whole food ingredients in the 2L high impact container.
  • • Blenders – part of food trends
  • • Sauces and dips are expected to be key features of menus moving forward.

As you would expect, food trends are constantly changing. What has been noticeable in recent years is the appearance of dishes that require food blenders. Nothing highlights the importance of a quality food blender like VITAMIX more than creating a range of tasty and visually appealing sauces and dips, which are set to be key features of menus moving forward.

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