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Asian kitchen specialists Asian kitchen specialists

LUUS Cooking Equipment are Asian kitchen specialists.

Their range includes a collection of equipment specifically designed for Asian Kitchens.

LUUS have been involved in Asian cuisine since 1998! With that in mind, they hold Asian food, and the people who prepare it, close to our hearts and they notice every little detail. An intricate knowledge of the demands of Asian cooking mean they have taken care of the frustrations Asian chefs often experience.

Their versatile range is expertly engineered and locally built using only the highest quality materials and components, setting us apart from the increasing number of inferior imports available on the market. Our breadth of products, variety of combinations, options, and ability to customise makes us the leading Asian kitchen specialist in Australia.

LUUS History

In 1998, LUUS Industries was created from engineer Don Luu's passion to build, innovate and improve. Housed within our purpose built facility in Melbourne's West, they are proudly committed to the growth of manufacturing in Melbourne. Their agile approach to the entire design and manufacturing process allows them to build products tailored towards the Australian market.

People, sustainability, the environment and the local community are at the heart of everything they do. From product design to the production line, LUUS combine smart style with high performance. LUUS always provide excellent service, because that's all that matters. If you are in Melbourne, they welcome you to join them at our beautiful on-site demonstration kitchen, meet with their design engineers, or tour the manufacturing floor anytime.

LUUS Look + Cook Kitchen.

The LUUS Look + Cook Kitchen is a purpose-built space designed to unleash your culinary creativity and put the equipment to the test. It's the sort of thing most chefs only ever get to dream about – time away from the treadmill of lunch or dinner services and a directive to experiment with new equipment. Such spaces have been the preserve of restaurants at the cutting edge; prioritising creativity as an investment that will pay off. Contact SCK to book some time in our Melbourne Look + Cook Kitchen.

The LUUS Look + Cook Kitchen The LUUS Look + Cook Kitchen

If you would like to book a demo of this Asian inspired range of cooking equipment you can do this here.


Australian Made and backed by a 15 month parts and labour Platinum Warranty, every product in their range is built to survive the fieriest of kitchens, chefs and critics. All products are fully compliant with the Australian Gas Association and WaterMark certifications.

Enjoy peace of mind with the LUUS Quality Guarantee.

LUUS products are designed and built to the highest quality, durability, innovation and tradition but it is reassuring to know that if your appliance does ever require service or maintenance, they are there to assist you. Let LUUS manage the whole process for you, including equipment installation and commissioning, maintenance servicing and repairs.

  • PERFORMANCE: Our engineers pressure test all products to ensure optimum performance.
  • CONFIDENCE: As designers and manufacturers we have a wealth of experience to draw upon when providing informed technical advice and exceptional after sales service.
  • SATISFACTION: We encourage a culture of continuous improvement. Customer feedback is encouraged and directly influences our products and service.

They are your partner for prompt servicing.

When you buy from LUUS, you choose the best in quality and performance. Because they design and manufacture all their products, only original parts are used. Should you require any help, LUUS Service can provide fast and reliable assistance. Not limited to LUUS equipment, they can install and commission, maintain and repair other brands of gas commercial cookers. Never very far away, the LUUS technicians and selected service agents are represented throughout the country and can be at your business within a short time.

Service and Repairs.

They offer you comprehensive servicing with the LUUS superior quality. LUUS can discuss your servicing requirements and propose a preventative maintenance schedule. You can book a service visit by calling LUUS on (03) 9240 6822.

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If you are looking to buy equipment for your cafe or restaurant at the best price, then let us do the hard work and source the right product for your restaurant, cafe, takeaway or commercial kitchen.

Our goal at SCK is to sell you products that add value to your business.

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