Anvil Sous Vide Water Baths and Digital Circulators

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Please note these products are no longer being imported into Australia.

Sous vide cooking machines are also referred to as water ovens or digital water baths. Sous-vide cuisine is a French term meaning cooking under vacuum. This method of cooking is performed by submerging the vacuum packed food in a digital water bath and cooking slowly at low temperatures. Sous vide cooking allows the food to maintain its textures, flavours and nutrients which conventional cooking could destroy.

Anvil have imported the Scientific brand and these sous vide water baths also require a ANVIL Water Bath Digital Circulator.

There are 3 models of available in the Anvil Sous Vide Water Baths range:

WBS0014 with a 14 litre capacity
WBS0034 with a 34 litre capacity
WBS0040 with a 40 litre capacity

The Anvil Sous Vide Water Baths feature:
  • External panels in powder coated mild steel
  • Internal tank in stainless steel
  • Supplied complete with gabled lid & height reducer
  • Requires a digital circulator to function
  • Warranty: 12 months Parts & Labour
The ANVIL Water Bath Digital Circulator WBC0001 compliments all three models of the Anvil Sous Vide Cookers

Food cooked using the sous vide process retains important nutrients, such as flavonoids and carotenoids in vegetables, rather than these nutrients being lost as in other cooking methods. The delicate fats in meats and fish, which can be easily damaged at high temperatures in the presence of oxygen, remain un-oxidized, intact, and provide a more healthy alternative.

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