5 skills every smart chef needs


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Doing Rounds of The Kitchen Table

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5 skills every smart chef needs

5 skills every smart chef needs See video blog on hospitalitymagazine.com.au

As a head chef, operations manager or even CEO, you can ask for a great salary, but to do so you must modernise your skills. Here are five tips to help you up-skill from Profitable Hospitality’s Ken Burgin.

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See video blog on hospitalitymagazine.com.au, read more ...

The future of restaurant marketing: are you ready?

The future of restaurant marketing: are you ready? Original story on adage.com

The role of the restaurant CMO has never been easy—and it's not getting easier.

Despite the challenges, digital has already started reaping rewards. Online ordering alone has increased the average order size 26% over walk-in or call-in orders.

Original story on adage.com, read more ...

Is induction cooking really that much better?

Is induction cooking really that much better? Original story on sousvideaustralia.com

Induction cooking has been around for a while now. It offers the extreme convenience of setting up a stove top anywhere that there is a power point and a flat surface.

Pastry chefs love them, popup kitchens rely on them, they have even made their way in to our home kitchens. But what do we really know about our induction plates and how they work?

Original story on sousvideaustralia.com, read more ...

Five questions with FoodZaps

Five questions with FoodZaps Original story on straitstimes.com

Home-grown start-up FoodZaps Technology provides restaurants with a subscription-based ordering software that syncs to the cloud and runs on mass-market consumer devices.

Annabeth Leow speaks to founder and technical director Winson Tan, 44, as well as director Chelsea Chan, 27, and marketing director Rina Loh, 31.

Original story on straitstimes.com, read more ...

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