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Doing Rounds of The Kitchen Table

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The Five Best Text Communication Practices for Restaurants

With six times the engagement of email, text messaging is revolutionizing the marketing strategies of QSR, fast food, and dine-in restaurants. Text marketing offers unique and exciting approaches to generate peak engagement and ultimately drive more successful campaigns. Through analyzing metrics and data, best practices have been pushed to the marketing forefront.

And in our new normal, where restaurants have to rethink their usual paradigm, SMS solutions offer distinctive opportunities to protect both your staff and diners. Restaurants can minimize close contact by texting alerts when reservations and takeout orders are available, keeping people from clustering together at entrances or pickup counters. Restaurants that smartly capitalize on texting communication best practices should enjoy boosts across the board—in more repeat customers, better service and a more intelligent (and faster) delivery for internal staff communications.

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The Five Best Text Communication Practices for Restaurants Original story and image on modernrestaurantmanagement.com

How the restaurant industry will bounce back from COVID-19 Original story and image on fastcasual.com

How the restaurant industry will bounce back from COVID-19

Changing marketing tactics, upgrading sanitation tracking and scaling down menus are just a few things that restaurants are doing in order to stay in business and to attract investors.

After months of mass closures due to COVID-19, restaurants around the country are slowly preparing to reopen their doors and dining areas to customers. While this is giving many people hope that the economic shutdown is coming to an end, the process of bouncing back from this crisis is still complex and uncertain, especially in the restaurant industry.

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There will need to be a focus on personalised service

Hotel expert Michael Smith shares his views on the road ahead.

Michael Smith, CEO of Ananas Consulting, has more 25 years in leadership and management roles for large, global hospitality companies.

Having recently deveoped a series of discussion papers on post Covid-19 Recovery and Cost Management, Mr Smith spoke with WILLIAMS MEDIA about how Australia's hotel sector is shaping up post-Covid.

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focus on personalised service Original story and image on thehotelconversation.com.au

Using TikTok Videos to Promote Your Restaurant Original story and image on modernrestaurantmanagement.com

Using TikTok Videos to Promote Your Restaurant

From share-worthy photos on Instagram to restaurant reviews on Facebook, social media platforms determine how the restaurants engage with the masses.

When we have YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, do brands need another? Yes, not all videos and media platforms are the same – this is a lesson worth knowing. Plus, in this time of COVID-19 crisis, when people's moral and economy is down, restaurants need to step up their video marketing game and engage with their customers more than ever.

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