September 2020


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Some products lend themselves to being easy to maintain and easy to sanitise and clean.

Be on the safe side

Making sure that your hospitality business is using these or similar products will ensure that your staff and customers remain safe through this pandemic, and is a must on any priority list. Some products seem perfectly placed to assist with this task.

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Here's A Hand Up!

Here's A Hand Up!

Whilst, thanks to covid, everything seems to be going to sh!t... there are some really great stories from within our industry. More than that there are so many incredible people 'quietly' doing wonderful things for their staff and the community.

Having a covid safe plan

Having a covid safe plan

It's free to become a COVID Safe business. COVID-19 Safe Venues in NSW must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan for each food and drink area. There should be no contact between customers or staff from different food and drink areas.

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Our Youtube Channel video library on restaurant equipment products is growing.

We now have more than 680 videos on the channel and around 6,400 people watched them last month.

Watching a quick video on products you are interested in is a great way to learn more about that product.

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