August 2020


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The situation in Victoria has shown that this pandemic can escalate quickly from a situation where they almost had the spread under control [averaging around 9 new cases per day through May] to a Stage 3 Lockdown in a very short period of time.

As responsible business owners we need to make sure that our businesses are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

To do this, we need to double down on hygiene strategies within our business, and be visibly sanitising tables, chairs and contact surfaces after each customer departs. I say visibly because your customers are definitely taking notice. Recently I visited the Blue Mountains for a short 3 day getaway and sadly, 2 of the cafes we dined at for breakfasts were not wiping down and sanitising between customers.

Planning Prevents Poor Performance

While hopefully here in NSW we might avoid a second wave, having a plan to move forward with your business if that should happen makes sense. The first lockdown pretty much caught most businesses by surprise and while cafes and restaurants did respond with strategies there was not much forethought involved. We were flying by the seat of our pants.

Now is the time to re-analyse how your first response worked, and armed with some knowledge of how a lockdown looked like in your business design a strategy for success. If there are changes to be made and more ideas to implement then having a clear way forward is the answer. Don't leave anything to chance.

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Ghosts of restaurants are delivering food

Ghosts of restaurants are delivering food

It's predicted that ghost kitchens will be a $1 trillion business globally by 2030.

Getting tough love

Getting tough love

NSW reintroduces tougher restrictions for pubs following virus outbreak and these restrictions are now extended to cafe's and restaurants.

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Unox Combi Ovens

Unox Combi Ovens

The range of Unox combi ovens has been updated to the new models.



Rational Combi Ovens also updated their models and as well we added the VarioCookingCentres to our website.

 Latest Videos

Our Youtube Channel video library on restaurant equipment products is growing.

We now have more than 650 videos on the channel and around 4,700 people watched them last month.

Watching a quick video on products you are interested in is a great way to learn more about that product.

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 Industry Tradeshows

While there are still a couple of tradeshows listed as happening there remains much uncertainty. We are maintaining our tradeshow calendar on the website as and when updates become available. For next year, 2021, there are already many dates locked in and these tradeshows should go ahead as planned.

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