July 2020


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As we start a new financial year, let us hope that it brings the prospect of a better and healthier environment.

Hospitality businesses have been one of the hardest hit industries world-wide and while you don't have to travel far to hear doom and gloom there have also been some incredible stories.

The new normal

Adaptation is now the name of the game and over the last few months here in NSW we have gone from total lockdown, to take out menu's, to dine-in with limited numbers.

Currently in NSW we are still operating under the 4 square metres rule, which allows numbers of guests depending on the total area of the premises.

Steps to become a COVID Safe business

1. Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan

A COVID-19 Safety Plans help to protect your staff, customers and visitors as you get back to business.

2. Register as a COVID Safe business

As a COVID Safe business, you’ll be able to show customers that you’re committed to keeping them safe.

3. Show that you’re COVID Safe

Display your COVID Safe posters and make your customers feel confident

Industry Guidelines for Restaurants & Cafes

Congratulations to those businesses who have managed to adapt their businesses successfully and throughout this pandemic have provided a place of work to loyal staff.

 Latest Blog Posts

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Top 5 must do things to re-open your cafe

Top 5 must do things to re-open your cafe

Checklist to Reopening Your Restaurant. While both customers and business owners are keen to get back into the game, how you open will impact on your success. Here are my top 5 suggestions for re-opening your cafe.

Orders Please!

Orders Please!

Printed menu's are set to become a thing of the past. With Bepoz Self Ordering at Tables, your customers can now order at the table using their own device. Find out how...

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  New Products

Rubbermaid cleaning products

Rubbermaid cleaning products

In keeping with the times, we have now added Rubbermaid cleaning products to assist your business in cleaning and sanitising to keep the venue safe for staff and customers.

We have also introduced a range of sanitising and hand cleaning stations.

 Latest Videos

Our Youtube Channel video library on restaurant equipment products is growing.

We now have more than 650 videos on the channel and more than 5,000 people watched them last month.

Watching a quick video on products you are interested in is a great way to learn more about that product.

See all our YouTube videos from our channel.

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