20th Birthday Celebration

September 2018


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That is correct, Sydney Commercial Kitchens is turning 20 this month. We've come a long way since 1998, from pariah to one of this industries most respected businesses. Our online shop has now been active for 19 of those 20 years and the passion that all the team exhibit on a daily basis is still there. At SCK we are proud of what we do and the difference we make.

Along the way we have changed this industry for the better and it is you, our customers that benefit daily for this.

The business has also twice been a finalist in the prestigious Telstra Business Awards and in 2008 we were also Business Swap International Best Small Business 2008 Winner.

It has been a very enjoyable journey.

Since 1998 have served thousands of customers and last financial year 38% of our customers had purchased through us previously. Our heartfelt thanks to all our customers and suppliers, we couldn't do this without you.

Why not make your hospitality business our next satisfied customer!

We power your kitchen!

What we do and why you will benefit by using sck!

1. Brands You Can Trust: we supply all the best brands of catering equipment at affordable prices.

2. Real, Experienced Knowledge: our sales specialists are qualified chefs, we understand what you need and how you want to work.

3. Rapid Response: get your product or quotation fast tracked. We recognise that speed matters.

Our Customer Service Promise:

Adding Value: Our goal at SCK is to sell you products that add value to your business.

Efficient: helpful and most prompt service possible.

Competitive Pricing: available Australia Wide.

Delivery: in the shortest time available.

Hospitality Advice: We can help you think through all aspects of your business. From an individual appliance purchase to entire layout design. You can count on Sydney Commercial Kitchens to provide expert, non-biased advice that matches your needs.

 Latest Blog Posts

Our 2 most popular posts this month were:

Is Used Equipment the Way to Go?

Is Used Equipment the Way to Go?

At Silver Chef they fund used equipment, but there's something different about it − they have Certified Used Equipment. To get the certified tick of approval, this used equipment goes through a six stage refurbishment process. If the equipment doesn't pass this process, then Silverchef will not fund it. Equipment that does not pass the test is deemed not suitable to go back out to the market.

Why celebrity chefs have so much trouble in Australia

Why celebrity chefs have so much trouble in Australia

Adriano Zumbo isn't the first household name to face voluntary administration. Is there something unique about the Australian hospitality industry? And you would be hard pressed to find anyone with a bad word to say about Jamie Oliver.

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  New Products

CULINAIRE Kompatto Mini Combi Oven

CULINAIRE Kompatto Mini Combi Oven

Culinaire's Kompatto ovens combine the best innovations of an intelligent & high efficiency oven with compact dimensions. It is the perfect solution for operation facing space constrains but needing high food quality levels.

 Latest Videos

Our Youtube Channel video library on restaurant equipment products is growing.

We now have 560 videos on the channel and 3,190 people watched them last month.

Watching a quick video on products you are interested in is a great way to learn more about that product.

See all our YouTube videos from our channel.

 Book a Demonstration

As a customer of SCK you can book a demo to see almost any product as well as try some of the range of products that we have installed in the kitchen spaces.

Many of our suppliers these days also have a showroom or working demo kitchen space and we are able to organise on your behalf demonstrations on a variety of different equipment.

Some of these suppliers are: Comcater, FSM, Goldstein, Moffat, Roband, Robot Coupe, Scots Ice, and Stoddart, just to name a few. Call us and we can set things in motion.

 Industry Tradeshows

HOSFAIR Guangzhou

HOSFAIR Guangzhou

7-9 September 2018
Supplies, Food and Beverage Fair China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex


Fine Food Australia

Fine Food Australia

10-13 September 2018
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


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