May 2018


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This month's fresh serve of news from around the Catering & Restaurant Industry.

  1. 5 digital trends to watch in 2018
  2. 5 ways for restaurant owners to revamp their social media in 2018
  3. 5 day food truck festival pulls in to Melbourne CBD
  4. 5 coffee issues and the quick fix solutions
  5.  Latest Blog Posts

    Our 2 most popular posts last month were:

    How to keep your commercial refrigerator working at top efficiency?

    How to keep your commercial refrigerator working at top efficiency?

    Your commercial refrigerator is an item that needs to work at top efficiency to properly service your restaurant, café or hospitality establishment. With the help of a commercial refrigerator working at top efficiency you can avoid food spoilage, save on energy costs and costs associated with repairs.

    Whip it. Whip it good!

    Bermixer Pro range Portable mixers

    Bermixer Pro range Portable mixers

    Prepare soups, purees, sauces, creams and whip egg whites quickly and easily with the Electrolux Bermixer Pro.

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      New Products

    Breville Control Freak

    Breville Control Freak

    The Control Freak™ induction cooking system is the first of its kind to accurately measure, set and hold 220 cooking temperatures from 30° – 250°C. The unique real-time sensing system uses a through-glass sensor to directly measure surface temperature.

     Latest Videos

    Our Youtube Channel video library on restaurant equipment products is growing.

    We now have 469 videos on the channel and more than 2,660 people watched them last month.

    Watching a quick video on products you are interested in is a great way to learn more about that product.

    See all our YouTube videos from our channel.

     Book a Demonstration

    As a customer of SCK you can book a demo to see almost any product as well as try some of the range of products that we have installed in the kitchen spaces.

    Popular Products for demonstrations include:

    • Irinox Blast Chillers
    • Rational Combi Ovens
    • Roband Benchtop
    • Robot Coupe Food Processors
    • Unox Combi Ovens

    Many of our suppliers these days also have a showroom or working demo kitchen space and we are able to organise on your behalf demonstrations on a variety of different equipment.

    Some of these suppliers are: Comcater, FSM, Goldstein, Moffat, Roband, Robot Coupe, Scots Ice, and Stoddart, just to name a few. Call us and we can set things in motion.

     Industry Tradeshows

    Food Service Industry Association Tradeshows

    Food Service Industry Association - Newcastle

    1-2 May 2018
    McDonald Jones Stadium
    294 Turton Road,
    Broadmeadow NSW 2292

    Hospitality Expo AHAWA

    Hospitality Expo AHAWA

    15-16 May 2018
    Crown Perth

    NRA Show Chicago

    NRA Show Chicago

    19-22 May 2018
    McCormick Place, Chicago

    Foodservice Australia

    Foodservice Australia

    27-29 May 2018
    ICC Darling Harbour, Sydney

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