April 2018


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With their many, exclusive features, HotmixPRO machines are one of today's most technologically advanced solutions to make the Chefs' lives easier.

Think of a kitchen tool that remembers your recipes and is able to reproduce them.

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Our most popular posts this month were:

The woman behind the revolutionary food rescue charity

The woman behind the revolutionary food rescue charity

Ronni Kahn, social entrepreneur and CEO and founder of OzHarvest

The woman behind the revolutionary food rescue charity that brings meals to those in need by delivering millions of meals to over 1,000 charities.

Affordable, innovative and reliable

Scotsman Ice Systems

Scotsman Ice Systems are best known for their reliability and affordability, and they have a wide range of ice makers to suit all hospitality industry businesses.

And now with a brand new home!

  New Products

LUUS Asian Cooking Equipment

LUUS Asian Inspired Cooking Equipment

Their range includes a collection of equipment specifically designed for Asian Kitchens.

LUUS have been involved in Asian cuisine since 1998! With that in mind, they hold Asian food, and the people who prepare it, close to our hearts and they notice every little detail. An intricate knowledge of the demands of Asian cooking mean they have taken care of the frustrations Asian chefs often experience.

 Latest Videos

Our Youtube Channel video library on restaurant equipment products is growing.

We now have 460 videos on the channel and more than 2,500 people watched them last month.

Watching a quick video on products you are interested in is a great way to learn more about that product.

See all our YouTube videos from our channel.

 Book a Demonstration

As a customer of SCK you can book a demo to see almost any product as well as try some of the range of products that we have installed in the kitchen spaces.

Popular Products for demonstrations include:

Many of our suppliers these days also have a showroom or working demo kitchen space and we are able to organise on your behalf demonstrations on a variety of different equipment.

Some of these suppliers are: Comcater, FSM, Goldstein, Moffat, RFE, Roband, Robot Coupe, Scots Ice, and Stoddart, just to name a few. Call us and we can set things in motion.

 Industry Tradeshows

FHA Singapore

FHA Singapore

24-27 April, 2018 in Singapore
2 Venues. 1 Mega Show.
Singapore Expo & Suntec Singapore


Fantastic Food

Fantastic Food

29-30 April 2018
ICC Darling Harbour, Sydney


Food Service Industry Association Tradeshows

Food Service Industry Association - Newcastle

1-2 May 2018
McDonald Jones Stadium
294 Turton Road,
Broadmeadow NSW 2292


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