Your fridge and food safety

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Your fridge and food safety

Walk in cool rooms and freezer rooms play an integral role in most commercial kitchens. Polyurethane insulation panels are fast becoming the industry standard and these panels equate to a 20% reduction in running costs from the older style polystyrene panels.

With food safety at the forefront of everything that is done in the hospitality industry, the correct fridge can play an important part in maintaining safe temperatures for food.

Desmon have an extensive range of coolrooms that are quick and easy to install using their interlocking panels with double Action 'Camlock' design. The Desmon coolrooms are also versatile and extremely efficient to run. With more than 50 different size combinations, available in 80mm polyurethane insulation which is CFC & HCFC Free panel construction.

Unlike other modular coolrooms on the market, our coolrooms are designed with unique male/female interlocking panels, meaning that you get a perfect seal every time. In approximately 2 hours you can have your coolroom installed and ready for use. No need for on-site cutting of panels, silicone gaps, and joints nor the use of screws or rivets is necessary.

Refrigeration units

Cibin is an Italian company specialising in the design and manufacturing of commercial refrigeration units for food storage and processing. Cibin has gained worldwide reputation for quality, reliability, technical innovation, in catering and food industry sectors. Their units can be either drop in or side mount, for added flexibility.

The sealed refrigeration units are available for both cool room and freezer room applications. Because they are a sealed unit, the need to contract a qualified refrigeration technician is not required. Remote units are also available to suit any layout or configuration.

Features & Benefits

80mm polyurethane insulation - Great efficiency and strength
Modular panels for ease of assembly and disassembly
Flexibility in coolroom size and positioning of the door
Double Action Camlock assembly - assures a perfect seal
Interlocking Panels. No screws or cover strips used or required
Door with large push-in gasket and heater = perfect seal
Replaceable gasket, no door frame condensation or sticking
Stainless steel skirting board - protects and adds to finish
Saddle type refrigeration unit - Can be positioned in any way
43º C ambient - will maintain temperatures in most environments
Pressure Relief Value fitted to Freezer and refrigerators

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