WOW! Not Just Pizzas - These Conveyor Ovens Will Expand Your Menus

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If you have been cooking pizza, then it goes without saying that you'll have heard of Middleby Marshall. They invented the conveyor pizza oven 36 years ago.

WOW! Not just pizzas - These conveyor ovens will expand your menus.

  • Middleby Marshall have 170,000 ovens installed around the world
  • Over 100 countries are baking more than 2 billion pizzas per year using Middleby conveyor ovens  
  • In use by the top 9 pizza chains and top independents around the world

 But with all the conveyor ovens Middleby Marshall has sold, there's a problem. They last forever.

One of the problems with our Conveyor Oven is it tends to last forever. It’s built like a battleship, so it is one of our marketing challenges. It's good on the one hand that it lasts forever but also bad you sell a customer one oven for the whole life of their pizzeria.

So we had to come up with a technology that made the customers Say “WOW, I’m going to trade in my old oven because this oven is so efficient” ...
Mark Sieron, President of Middleby Marshall


The new Middleby Marshall WOW! Ovens bake 30 to 40% faster than other conveyor ovens. This speed increase is because of years of continuous development of patented oven technologies. These high speeds are achieved without sacrificing quality or consistency by using improved airflow and advanced burner designs.

If a standard impingement oven bakes pizza at 7 minutes, the new WOW! Oven will bake a pizza at 4:30.

WOW2 Daily saving on gas

35% less time and 30%-50% less energy used for the same amount of product.

Automatic Energy EYE

In most restaurants, the ovens operate continuously, even though 60% of the time there are no products cooking in them.

If the energy eye senses there is no product in the oven, it automatically reduces energy consumption by nearly 40%. How? When a product is placed on the belt, the energy eye is activated and the oven returns to full power in 3 seconds. After the product exits the oven, the energy eye returns the oven to the energy saving mode.

When the “energy eye” senses nothing in the oven, it goes into Energy Savings mode.

WOW2 Principle with Exclusive VAF (Variable Air Flow)

WOW2 Principle with exclusive VAF Variable Air Flow

The Middleby Marshall WOW!2 oven utilises advanced VAF impingement technology that allows the user full control of the air flow on the top and bottom of the baking chamber, resulting in optimal results in a cooking product.

Top and bottom zone air flow is modified through the main control, allowing instant results and full control of air movement, time, and temperature settings.

Better Bake, 30% Faster!

WOW Better bake, 30% Faster

Surface Temperatures Measured Above Middle of Window

Consistent Product Every Time

Middleby Marshall conveyor ovens provide a continuous cooking platform. When the food comes out of the conveyor, it is perfect every time and ready to serve – whether lasagna, chicken parmesan or Italian sausage.

No over or under-cooking, just the same consistent product every time. With impingement technology, the end product looks and tastes outstanding. Employees are not changing speeds and temperatures on the oven for different foods; it is all preset and easy to use.

With the versatility of a Middleby Marshall conveyor, it may be the only piece of equipment needed in the kitchen. Convection ovens, fryers, microwaves, grills and salamanders are no longer needed.

Using traditional cooking methods requires a lot of labour, time and attention to the food being cooked. Conveyor cooking eliminates labour needed to continuously watch food to keep it from burning or to rotate food during the cooking process.

Maxium Energy Savings

  • A better way to cook ... The uniform cooking ability of Middleby Marshall ovens works for a wide variety of Italian foods...
  • Cooks food accurately and consistently with preset cooking times and temperatures...
  • Seals in moisture and flavor...
  • Allows food to be prepared and served at the correct intervals of doneness prior to service...
  • All food items are cooked identically, from the first to the last as the oven maintains temperature throughout the cooking process...
  • Food cooked with the best quality allows for more satisfied customers and repeat business...
  • Patented airflow cooks food consistently and thoroughly...

WOW Conveyor Cooks pizza in 4.00min

Middleby Marshall ovens cook at speeds and temperatures that are half of traditional convection ovens. This is achieved through impingement technology and efficient airflow. The oven uses hot air under pressure to heat foods more quickly and thoroughly, using less heat and energy.

As a result, every item is heated on the top and bottom to cook uniformly with superb texture and moisture retention. Proteins are done to perfection and cheese melts beautifully. The conveyor allows for all types of Italian dishes to go through easily and quickly.

The WOW! Middleby Marshall conveyor ovens perfectly cook pizza, seafood, sausage, baked pasta, and many other delicious Italian foods.

Food comes out of the oven hot and ready to serve.

For finishing, the oven cooks cheese to perfection and plated foods can go through the conveyor for a “done just right” look. Middleby Marshall conveyor ovens cook continuously to fill large capacities with a consistently-toasted product, such as bruschetta, bread, and other items.

The speed of the conveyor ensures that the user does not have to wait for a toasting cycle or the small capacity of a batch or tabletop toaster.

As soon as dishes are prepared, they can immediately go in the oven and not wait for a batch or for other items to finish the cooking cycle. Continuous cooking allows for faster service and shorter table wait times for customers on a busy night.

“With conveyor cooking, our quality and consistency have improved, and in turn, so has our restaurant traffic. We have seen a direct correlation between serving better food and increased customer visits.”
Joel muñoz Cantina Restaurant Atlanta, GA

Maximise Kitchen Workflow

Maximise Kitchen Workflow

The compact size and flow-through design of Middleby Marshall conveyor ovens create more options for kitchen layouts.

Kitchen labor, servers and customers all benefit using a Middleby Marshall conveyor oven. These ovens maximise kitchen workflow because the oven can be used to cook everything on the menu.

The conveyor oven changes the layout of the traditional restaurant kitchen to make it more efficient with less labour.

The first-in, first-out sequence of continuous cooking allows for an even flow throughout the kitchen with food served immediately, eliminating waiting time for additional order items.

With efficient oven placement, the conveyor moves food from prep to cooked to garnish. This natural motion between workspaces saves time in the kitchen and better serves waitstaff and customers. In short, everything is faster and more efficient during peak times.

Not Just Pizzas ... WOW! Conveyor Ovens Also Do Mexican Food

Not justs Pizzas WOW Conveyor Oven also does Mexican so easily

Middleby Marshall conveyor ovens are ideal for finishing plated Mexican foods by providing intense heat that does not adversely affect cheese toppings.

Middleby Marshall ovens heat food so thoroughly that the hot plate can help the food retain heat longer than traditional cooking methods.

Moisture is retained within the tortilla and burrito shells to yield a higher quality product than traditional methods of cooking Mexican foods.

WOW! Middleby Marshall Conveyor Ovens Cook Food Perfectly

From a hot lunch to a warm dessert, and everything in between.

  • Beef patties
  • Bratwurst
  • Hot dogs
  • Burritos
  • Tacos
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Toasted sandwiches
  • Chicken breast
  • BBQ chicken, pork, or beef
  • Corn dogs
  • Fish filets
  • Meatballs
  • Lasagna
  • Casseroles
  • Pizza
  • Potato wedges
  • French fries
  • Sausage
  • Breakfast muffins   Pastries   Cinnamon rolls   Biscuits
  • Breadsticks
  • Cookies
  • Brownies 

  Cooking Made Easy...

  • Ovens are easy to operate and easy to clean
  • No doors to open and close
  • No timers to answer or dials to set  
  • Ovens can be multi-stacked to accommodate increased cooking needs
  • Eliminate fryers, griddles, and pans  
  • Eliminate convection ovens
  • Cool to touch, safe for employees
  • Components easy to access for cleaning  

Check out the MIDDLEBY MARSHALL PS636G WOW Series Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven

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