Would you like Fries with that?


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Would you like Fries with that? Would you like Fries with that?

You can depend on Anets Goldenfry

Fast Recovery. Sure-Fire Quality.

When great food and on-the-ball service are your top draws, you have to have an ANETS GoldenFRY™ Fryer in your kitchen lineup. Every durable model is built to conserve shortening and perform at optimum energy-efficiency, so you save more money day after day, year after year. Plus, the simple, straightforward design minimises cleanup and reduces maintenance expenses.

ANETS 14GS.CS Deep Fryers Goldenfry Gas Fryers are a high efficiency work horse for large volume frying. The 439 stainless steel frypot provides remarkable recovery in conjunction with the unique crossfire burners provide a 3 sided heating system for highly efficient and consistent frying results.

To maintain direct heat transfer, the frypot is equipped with copper flashed heat exchangers, which also provides remarkable temperature recovery and improved gas efficiency. The easy to clean open frypot has sloped sides to prevent crumb accumulation. Food particles drop rapidly into the extra large cold zone which prolongs oil life and reduces carbon build-up. Extra wide access to this cold zone permits reaching in and wiping out even the hardest to reach corners.

Bank them Together

Anets Goldenfry Anets Goldenfry

Shown above is the impressive bank of Anets Fryers that were used when Melbourne staged the Presidents Cup Golf event.

Filter Systems

For the serious operator, the best thing you can do is combine your Anets Goldenfry with an Anet's FilterMate.

Save on kitchen space, oil and labour costs with the FilterMate under fryer filter system

Anets FilterMate’s are designed to fit under the base system of two of the renowned Anets 14GS.CS fryers.

Additionally, it is possible to bank 2, 3 or 4 fryers off the same 50 litre oil capacity filter machine. Using quick disconnects, the filter is simple to disassemble for cleaning and can even slide out to be utilised as a portable filter or an oil disposal unit.

Simple to operate, this hands free system makes it easy to filter fast and filter often, with a capacity of 36 litres of oil.

Anets FilterMate Anets FilterMate

This self contained system does not interfere with kitchen operations and keeps your kitchen running smoothly. Using the Filtronic II or FilterMate filtering system, it is possible to filter one fryer while still cooking in the others.

Who's Who of Goldenfry

From local fish and chip stores to Internationally recognised sporting events, Anets fryers offer the perfect solution.

With customers like Burger Project, Benny Burgers and Guzman Y Gomez, buying an Anets Goldenfry deep fryer will add value to your business as well.

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