Without these accessories your Unox Combi Oven is under performing


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Without these accessories your Unox combi oven is under performing

Unox combi ovens are an amazing addition to most kitchens but did you know that there is a range of accessories designed so that you get the most value out of your oven.

By expanding what you can achieve with these ovens you now have the ability to change or upgrade your menu. Either way your customers are the winners!

Unox Combi Oven Accessories

Unox Acessories

Unox professional ovens are always by your side for the most difficult challenge: simplicity. They give you perfect cooking results, simply. They free up time and resources, simply. They help your business to grow, simply.

Unox technology is useful. And easy to use. It really does help to simplify your daily work. Rather than adding features that are not useful to the people that are going to use the oven, Unox uses its technology for a precise reason: to improve your business. With Unox your investment has an immediate return. The results speak for themselves.

A wide range of complementary accessories accompany your Unox oven, so you can personalize every solution and every project. Technology that is always more intelligent and clear, that eliminates complexities and maximizes results.

The accessory range allows you to bake, roast, grill and much much more.

Unox Combi Oven Accessories

Unox Care Products

UNOX.Care products keep your oven clean, protect it over time and reduce any maintenance costs. The automatic washing system Rotor.KLEAN™ and DET&Rinse™ detergent together guarantee perfect hygiene and the ideal long-term upkeep of the oven and its components.

When your Unox Combi Oven is combined with an integrated Unox Condensor Hood, every 5th wash if the oven also incorporates a clean of the condensor hood. That is one less thing to do in your kitchen. Yes!


Who wouldn’t want an extended warranty on their equipment. Especially to such a vital piece of equipment as a combi oven.

Tangible proof of the quality and reliability. Unox offers you the possibility of extending the warranty* on spare parts up to 4 years or 10.000 hours on-time. Activation of the LONG.Life4 warranty is simple. You just need to connect your Unox Ovens with the dedicated kit and register it on the Unox website.

The PLUS models are ready prepared for internet connection (Ethernet) and allow you to register directly from the control panel. Kits for WiFi or 3G connection are available for both models.

SCK supplies all Unox Accessories

Buying most of these Unox products will enhance your decision to purchase the Unox Combi Oven. Here at Sydney Commercial Kitchens we definitely recommend that you take advantage of this range of accessories to increase what you can achieve with your combi oven.

With the cleaning chemicals you can purchase them as a box of 10. Once you know your demand for the cleaning product DET&Rinse™ you can even set up an automatic cycle. Your product will be despatched to arrive according to your payment schedule. That is another thing you can cross off your to do list.


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