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Why video needs to be a New Year priority for restaurant marketing

The restaurant business is competitive. As well as a great menu and fantastic staff, restaurants need something extra to stand out from the crowd. Video content is the answer. In this article, we'll dive into some video content strategies that all restaurants can use to increasing footfall.

Video content: Is it really that powerful for restaurant marketing?

Yes! Put simply, video is great for engagement, and that's especially true for restaurants where experience and social connection are top priorities for potential guests.

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Why video needs to be a priority Original story and image on restaurantdive.com

Why Restaurants Must Insist On Marketplace Noncompetes Original story and image on forbes.com

Why Restaurants Must Insist On Marketplace Noncompetes

Restaurant operators have been wary of restaurant delivery marketplace commissions (typically 20% to 30% of the sale) and the resulting hit to profitability for years.

While squabbling over commissions is an important component of the contracts that restaurant brands and marketplaces execute, restaurant executives tend to put maximum emphasis on commissions and let other key terms fall by the wayside.

When we compare the restaurant delivery marketplaces to e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, we can see a far more existential threat looming.

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Take up the green coffee cup or face ban, cafes warned

Canberra coffee shops have been put on notice: back the new reusable cup scheme launched on Wednesday or face a ban on plastic-lined, single-use cups next year.

Minister for Recycling and Waste Reduction Chris Steel threw down the challenge at Gather in Braddon, saying the government has held off taking a tougher approach to see if the free Green Cafeen 'swap-and-go' model takes hold.

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Take up the green coffee cup or face ban, cafes warned Original story and image on the-riotact.com

LOVE can save hospitality industry? Original story and image on miragenews.com

Can LOVE save the hospitality industry?

The Australian Hospitality industry is hurting. Competition is increasing, and margins are decreasing.

Food delivery services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo eat into margins (up to 35%) and they also take customers away from dining in.

But now a cleverly designed dating app with a twist, is showing the hospitality industry some love and sending daters back into venues around Aus, just like the old days.

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