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1 Million RATIONAL Combi-Steamers 1 Million RATIONAL Combi-Steamers

Rational celebrate with 1,000,000 Combi Steamer Ovens

Wow! Rational are celebrating an impressive production milestone with their one millionth combi steamer oven.

World Tour

At Rational, they believe that the secret to their success is customer orientation and specialisation. Rational have always concentrated on offering people working in commercial kitchens around the world the greatest possible benefit.

"And it is precisely with these people that we are celebrating this milestone with"

Dr Peter Stadelmann, Chairman of the Board

This Rational SelfCookingCenter is going on a world tour and is being displayed at the major trade fairs around the world. Following this tour the 1 millionth Rational combi oven will finish up being installed in the kitchens of the Hofbräuhaus in Munich.

The first Rational combi-steamer was produced in 1976, and the technology has been continuously developed since then. Today, more than 130 million meals are prepared in RATIONAL units every day around the world.

While underneath this combi is a standard RAtional SelfCookingCenter® this milestone unit will be easily be identifiable by the lettering "1,000,000" written on its gold rotary knob and the personalised control panel.

At Rational, they are not resting on their laurels, as they are aware that there are at least four million commercial kitchens around the world that could benefit by using our technology. And even though the percentage of kitchens with RATIONAL units is constantly on the rise, there are still many they wish to inspire with the customer benefit on offer.

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