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Face masks featuring restaurant brands something to smile about

Mask issued by Knight's Steakhouse in Michigan. Restaurants across the Southeast are discovering that once they issue face coverings featuring logos to employees, customers want them too.

"Customer demand ultimately intensified to such a point that we decided to offer branded masks for sale on our website," said Njeri Boss, spokeswoman for Waffle House. Fans of the chain can now purchase a black cotton mask with a 1- or 2-inch yellow "WH" patch for $6.

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Behind the Mask Original story and image on postandcourier.com

Is Australia ready to go cashless Original story and image on itbrief.com.au

Is Australia ready to go cashless?

New survey reveals Aussies embracing mobile wallets

More than half of Australians are comfortable with the idea of a completely cashless society, according to new research.

New research published by software comparison platform Capterra investigated how COVID-19 increased Australia's readiness towards becoming a cashless society, and found 55% are comfortable with the idea of going cashless.

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9 Ways to engage guests during a pandemic

As restaurants and diners prepare for a potentially long winter, here are some ways to stay connected with guests.

The pandemic doesn't appear likely to end anytime soon, and with colder weather on the horizon for many parts of the country, restaurants are going to need more than a patio to keep things running. Here are nine restaurant marketing ideas from earlier in the pandemic that are just as relevant now for staying connected with consumers who might prefer to stay home.

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Ways to engage guests during a pandemic Original story and image on restaurantbusinessonline.com

Restaurant owners get creative outside Original story and image on abc6onyourside.com

Restaurant owners get creative outside

"Everybody feels safer outside now," Rigsby said. "This was a team effort. My daughter painted the tables. Our chef and myself planted everything. We built a makeshift patio. My friend built nine planter boxes. We threw in more flowers and now we have our patio. This is the new normal at Tasi Cafe."

They built their outdoor oasis to keep up with the changing times, and now even more changes are coming their way.

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