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Food Delivery Apps, Restaurants and COVID-19: Where's the Profit?

As state restrictions continue to limit restaurants' dine-in capacity, and concerns about the spread of COVID-19 remain prominent, many people are relying on delivery service apps to get meals from their favorite local restaurants.

If there's one thing 2020 has demonstrated, it's the perseverance of Australian restaurant, cafe and hospitality venue owners. Despite a year that began with the devastation of the bushfires and the resultant decline in tourism, the majority of restaurants still went into 2020 confident they could expand their business.

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Where's the Profit? Original story and image on chapelboro.com

HospoVitality Index Report Original story and image on foodscene.deliveroo.com.au

Restaurants uncertain about the future

The inaugural HospoVitality Index Report, which explores the experiences of restaurant owners from around Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic. It reveals the challenges they've faced, how they've responded, the government policy initiatives they believe are necessary to help aid recovery and their plans for the future.

Deliveroo is today launching its HospoVitality Index Report, conducted with research firm YouGov, which surveyed more than 500 restaurant owners across Australia to understand business confidence, the challenges they face, how they've responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, what government policy initiatives will help aid recovery and their plans for the future.

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Tips On How Restaurant Businesses Benefit From Video Marketing

The use of video for promotional purposes to attract the attention of one's customer had been in existence since the monochrome television era of the 1970s. What changed in recent years is the importance of video in a brand's marketing strategies. Technological advancement, coupled with easy access to mobile phones, has led consumers to check out a product before making a purchase.

With such thorough research going into a purchase, brands have realized that video is an effective means of catching the attention of potential customers and telling them how good your product or service is. Although the restaurant sector is one of the later ones to join the bandwagon, it stands to benefit from video marketing in several unexpected ways. In this article, we shall explore some tips on how video marketing can give a boost to restaurant businesses.

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How Restaurant Businesses Benefit From Video Marketing Original story and image on hometownstation.com

4 Steps to Turn New Buyers into Loyal Customers Original story and image on business2community.com

4 Steps to Turn New Buyers into Loyal Customers

Online ordering and pickup services are just so much more appealing nowadays compared to the idea of going into a store.

Curbside food pickup at stores rose 17% between late March and mid-May.

In fact, more people flocked to take-out and delivery from quick-serve or other restaurants through apps during the pandemic lockdown.

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