When you need it most!


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When you need it most!

ICEMATIC M Series Modular Dice Cube Ice Machine Icematic, perfect for venues with high ice demand

ICEMATIC M Series Modular Dice Cube Ice Machine

With warm weather on the horizon now is the time to consider a new ice machine or to replace your existing ice maker fast? Our supplier, Scots Ice Australia know how important quick turnaround is in the food service industry and the need for equipment or parts to be available at short notice. This is why they always keep a wide range of equipment in stock at all times so if you need to supply, install or replace at short noticed Scots Ice have you covered.

The M Series dice cube machines are a perfect choice for venues with high peaks in demand, such as for hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, fast food outlets, events and banqueting, because they produce ice quickly and in high volumes.

"Always reliable, these 100% Italian made ice machines will deliver batch after batch of crystal clear ice, ensuring a constant supply when you need it most"

Castel MAC is the world's leading ice machine manufacturer for one basic reason, they understand, better than any other company, the critical importance of ice to any number of businesses.

With more than 50 years experience in the development and manufacturing of their Icematic brand of ice machines, Castel MAC now stakes a claim as being one of the world leaders in the production of ice makers.

It is your choice!

Thanks to a continuous and regular flow, the water in an Icematic Ice Maker is distributed on a refrigerated surface designed to increase ice production.

Icematic M Series modular ice makers are available as a Full Dice and Half Dice machine, giving you the ability to choose the correct ice maker for your business.

  • • Solid ice cube Ice maker series with vertical evaporator
  • • Innovative and linear design, great reliability and easy to use
  • • Easy maintenance, this ice-maker series represents the best solution for high demanding ice needs

Icematic M Series Ice Cubers

Let us do the hard work and source the right ice maker for your Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen

Our goal at SCK is to sell you products that add value to your business.

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