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Pronto quick performance ovens deliver perfect cooking results in the shortest time.

The Woodson Pronto quick performance oven is compact, easy to operate and puts the power of impingement cooking at your fingertips.

Get the confidence that comes from serving your customers with the highest possible food quality at a fraction of the time, every time.

Need a Snack Pronto? Need a Snack Pronto?

Pronto quick performance Pronto quick performance

What is an impingement oven?

Delivering quality foods in the shortest time is key to customer satisfaction and retention. This is especially true if your food business specialises in lunchtime trade. These customers would much rather spend time eating your product than waiting for it.

Typically, impingement ovens create the heat in a separate chamber and then that heat is re-directed into the cooking chamber.

Additionally, the airflow pattern in a convection oven is not highly focused on the product being baked, where as the airflow in an air impingement oven is highly focused right onto the product, allowing the heat to better penetrate the product and resulting in a significant reduction of overall bake time.

Impingement and intelligent air flow technology achieves consistent cooking results while toasting and finishing food items to perfection.

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