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Doing Rounds of The Kitchen Table

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Hardest it's ever been

Disrupted but not dejected, Australia's restaurant owners discuss what's next

If you’re thinking about opening a restaurant, cafe or bar, you may want to reconsider.

That was the takeaway from a gathering of business owners at the coalface of Australia’s hospitality sector in Melbourne last night, as heads come together to try and chart a path through a period of unprecedented disruption.

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Hardest it has ever been Original story and image on smartcompany.com.au

Strengthening a restaurant's identity Original story and image on restaurantdive.com

Strengthening a restaurant's identity maximizes potential and profits

Growing a restaurant brand to its full potential is a milestone most businesses hope to achieve. It's a journey that requires constant innovation and evolution, and something to continuously strive toward.

And while the benefits of rapid growth are immense, it is important to first evaluate if your brand's identity is strong enough to take the leap.

Amid growth, brand values and standards should remain consistent throughout every location in order to create a more cohesive culture.

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Growing Your Restaurant's Profit Margins

A growing economy has served the restaurant industry well.

But full-service restaurants are falling behind fast-casual eateries in terms of growth and earning potential. Full-service restaurant operators with an eye on the future need to find new ways to grow restaurant profit margins to sustain success.

There are two ways that a business can grow profits: Increase sales and decrease costs.

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Growing Your Restaurant's Profit Margins Original story and image on modernrestaurantmanagement.com

How Sydney's restaurants are adapting to a changing market Original story and image on goodfood.com.au

How Sydney's restaurants are adapting to a changing market

Sydney's dining scene is under significant pressure due to rising fixed costs and restaurant oversupply, say hospitality operators, who are looking at new ways to adapt to a changing market.

"The hospitality industry is always challenging, but this year we have experienced the knock-on effect of the drought with rising food costs," said Justine Baker, chief executive of hospitality group Solotel which counts Aria, Barangaroo House and Opera Bar in its portfolio.

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