What stimulates the imagination of chefs?


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And the answer is (drum roll) the "Robot Cook" by Robot Coupe.

Being creatively a step ahead

The Robot Cook® stimulates the imagination of chefs. It is the ideal assistant when innovating and preparing a multitude of attractive, hot and cold, savoury or sweet recipes.

Four Kitchen Assistants in one for Chefs

The Meticulous assistant

  • Easy to use with its variable speed function of 100 to 3,500 rpm.
  • Refined dishes prepared in no time with its Turbo Pulse rotary speed reaching 4,500 rpm per minute.
  • Optimum control of food preparations possible with the high precision Pulse function.
  • A mix of delicate products prepared without cutting due to the inverse rotation of the blade: the R-Mix® function
  • Keeps the food preparation hot thanks to the intermittent function.

The Autonomous assistant

  • Using the programming function, entrust your secret preparations to Robot Cook® and effortlessly reproduce your favourite recipes.

entrust your secret preparations to Robot Cook

The Dependable assistant

  • The powerful Robot Cook® relies on a very robust industrial induction motor.

The Silent assistant

  • In the hive of kitchen activity, the chefs will appreciate its silence.

Product Characteristics

  • 3.7 litre stainless steel bowl with handle.
  • 2.5 litre liquid capacity.
  • Heating capacity up to 140°C.
  • Accurate to the nearest degree.
  • Speed functions :
    - Variable speed from 100 to 3500 rpm
    - High speed Pulse/Turbo of 4500 rpm
    - R-Mix blend speed from -100 to -500 rpm
    - Intermittent speed: slow speed blade rotation every 2 seconds.
  • Micro-serrated stainless steel blade knife assembly.
  • As an option, serrated blade assembly for Blender function.
  • As an option, smooth blade assembly for Cutter function.
  • Bowl, blade assembly and lid are dishwasher safe.
  • Asynchronous industrial motor.
  • Water tight lid equipped with a bowl scraper.

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