What lessons can your Restaurants take from the AFL & NRL Grand Finals?


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What lessons Can Your Restaurants Take From The AFL & NRL Grand Finals?

Jarrad McVeigh and Easton_Wood hold the AFL premiership cup

Sydney Swans captain Jarrad McVeigh and Westeren Bulldogs Easton Wood hold the 2016 AFL premiership Cup

How can you apply lessons from AFL & NRL Grand Finals to your Restaurants?

How can you apply these lessons to your restaurant?

What a great weekend Daylight saving started

And We had the AFL & NRL Grand Finals.

As H.G. Nelson & Rampaging Roy Slaven call it "Festival of the Boot"

Could these Footy Fairy Tales Come True?

Will the Western Bulldogs beat Sydney Swans?

Will the Cronulla Sharks beat The Melbourne Storm?

50 years in the making.

The Bulldogs & the Sharks have a compelling backstory. Both teams have struggled for many years just to survive. They have been on verge of bankruptcy have not tasted much success. Crippling injuries should have ended their seasons but they just keep believing.

A lot has been written about how Western Bulldogs last won a premiership in 1958 with only 2 trips to the Grand final.

Then we have the Cronulla Sharks with 3 trips to Grand final without a victory in 50 years.

Will these Fairy Tales come true? Only time will tell.

The Bulldogs story has been picked around the world

The Bulldogs story has been picked around the world. Huffington Post

Getty Images - Luke Dahlhaus of the Bulldogs will probably not go to bed early tonight.

In the Huffington Post Western Bulldogs Beat Sydney Swans In Incredible AFL Grand Final.

As I'm writing The NRL Grand Final has not started.

So we will have to wait and see if we're going to fairy Tale Double.

The notion of a Fairy Tales diminishes the amount work & effort goes into building a successful team.

The only time success comes for work is in the dictionary.

It's so easy to believe that these teams just got there by fate luck & chance.

What lessons can we take from these teams & apply to restaurant?

As we've seen from the Olympics & these Grand Finals it starts with a vision.

You need to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve.

Your vision is your Why. It comes from your passion.

“Where there is no vision the people Perish...”
Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

So if you don't have a vision then you just drifting along.

In sport having a vision of your results leads to high performance.

“The empires of the future will profoundly shape your destiny.”
Winston Churchill

So to create anything we have to do it twice - first we have to do it mentally, our vision, then physically.

Your vision gives you your reason to do.

So what's the vision for your Restaurant?

For the Bulldogs, Swans, Sharks & the Storm their purpose was to win the Grand Finals. To be the premiers.

I was listening to an interview before the Grand final with Tony Liberatore, a famous member of Western Bulldogs who never reached a Grand final.

His Son Tom was playing in this Grand Final. (By all rights he should not have even been there because he suffered a season-ending injury. Yet in spite of all that he managed to get back of park for the last couple of games.)

They were asking what advice he gave his son & how did he respond.

Tom Answered,"The Best thing on Grand Final day is celebrating afterwards,""

Tom Liberatore hugs Marcus Bontempelli Western Bulldogs

Some journalist laughed at this because they did not get it. He could see himself celebrating after winning the Grand Final.

It reminds me of the Story Of the Opening of Disneyland.

They were interviewing Roy Disney Walt's nephew at the opening because Walt had died before Disneyland opened.

A journalist framed the question to Roy, like this.

"Isn't it a pity Walt never got to see Disneyland?" Expecting some bittersweet remorseful answer.

Instead, Roy states,"He did see it, that's why you see it now!"

What's your Vision?

Do you think these teams were the only teams which had a vision in their competition? Of Course not.

When they began the season sure they dreamed of winning the premiership. So did the others teams.

Do you have a compelling reason for running a restaurant?

People with vision can overcome insurmountable odds.

You're not judged by when you fall, but how you get back up again.

The Bulldogs Season provides an amazing backdrop to believing the collective vision.

It seems every second week a season-ending injury would cruel their Season. Yet they just keep finding a way to make the seemingly impossible possible.

The Swans & Bulldogs going for it 2016 AFL Grand Final

The Swans & Bulldogs going for it 2016 AFL Grand Final

Your Vision shines a light on where you want to be.

Like I said before Vision is the start of the journey.

Where do you see your business?

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" That depends on a good deal on where you want to get to. "I don't much care where "Then it doesn't matter which way you go”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

If you just stop at vision then it soon becomes just a wish. The dream gets hazy & blurry & loses its power to get you up on a bad day.

Your compelling vision gives you an emotional connection which brings it to life.

It's tied to your long term vision.

It's would simplistic to say if you want to win a Grand Final or have an amazing restaurant just have a vision.

Do you think these 4 teams were the only teams that had a vision?

Sure their vision may have helped them to have better clarity & to be more focused. But that’s not enough.

So what was the difference between the Bulldogs, the Swans, Sharks & Strom to other teams in the comp?

They all dreamed of winning the Grand Final.

By season end there were only a handful of teams still competing in the final series.

You could say some of the team's visions were not strong enough to handle the bumps in the road.

Look at North Melbourne Roos, they won 9 games in a row.

Then the wheels fell off, they had a couple injuries. They could only manage to win 3 of the next 10 games. They limped in the finals scraping in by the barest of Percentage. Their vision was not to carry when hard times came & they will come & their season just wilted.

The Western Bulldogs knew they would win Kangaroos hoped they would win.

The Bulldog's motto was "Why Not"

The Bulldogs & Sharks Suffered many setbacks & Trails throughout the year.

Just as you will.

Your vision will help overcome your obstacles.

Last week as Dale Morris Ran out on the ground, he called the trainer over. They played around with his shoe, he took a painkiller.

There was plenty of speculation of what's wrong with him.

He fobbed them off as nothing.

After the Bulldogs won the Grand final, it was revealed that he Dale had been playing with a broken back. Which had broken 5 weeks before playing Fremantle. So could you imagine play cracked vertebrae for 5 weeks. The doctors treated & monitored him so could play.

He could have every reason to put the cue in the rack & give up. But driven by the team's vision.

Many believe for a collective vision to work everybody needs to be accountable.

Usually, when you here of being Accountable it's based on accepting there will be a consequence for your actions. But I would say that Accountability is Taking Ownership.

The Bulldogs Owned their vision so it kept them focused on the end goal winning the AFL Grand Final.

When most would have given up & said: "There's always next year,""

Do you see how powerful this?

Do you see yourself running a successful restaurant?

How do you turn this into reality?

You need a vision to build your roadmap so you know where you going.

Once you have a clear vision of what lies ahead you need to take action.

So now you need to break these down into the steps you need to take to reach your goal.

Start where you are.

There’s a big difference from knowing & doing.

"We know this stuff,"" This not the first time you heard someone say You need a goal.

Focus on what you can control.

So the only thing you can control is your Actions.

Effective execution is acting on it and doing the most important task that gets you closer to your desired outcome.

It's so easy to get distracted by events going on your life.

If you're not careful you're sucked into Social Media vortex, watching singing cats & dancing frogs.

It's only 5 minutes. Hang on I just wasted an hour. My time vapourised chasing meaningless windmills in my mind.

Everything happens in the context of time.

If you're not in control of your time then your are not in control of your results.

Have you noticed at the football they keep score?

In AFL you get 6 points for a Goal & 1 point for a behind.

In NRL you get 4 points for Try & 2 points for Conversion & a penalty & you get 1 point if you snag a field goal.

What's your scorecard?

  • For some, it's money in the bank...
  • It could be how many times you turned your tables over...
  • How many covers did you do...
  • How profitable was each meal?...
  • Are you paying attention to your scorecard?...

So how are you doing?

You need a way to measure your outcomes.

I see a lot of people who are always saying they are busy.

Busy doing what?

Is it helping you get to your desired outcome? Or are just filling in time trying catching up on all your emergencies?

What actions to do you need to take each week to make sure your track?

Do you think Micheal Phelp just turned up whenever he felt like going for a swim?

He had a set routine which he followed daily. So even on days when he didn't feel like jumping into the pool or doing weights, he did what needed to be done.

What's the best action to take?

What does this action or lack of action do to help you reach your long-term goal.

What's your best action to take?

Did you know 90 - 95% of the thoughts you had today were a repeat of Yesterday.

Be great at a few things rather than mediocre at on lots of things.

Are these going to help you reach your goal?

What actions do you need to take?

What do you need to do today to get your desired results.

This year the Bulldogs Started a Handball Club.

It wasn't compulsory to show up & practises your handballs.

From what I heard. Afterthe first week everybody showed up and put in the commitment.

That's why they were they had the best & fastest handballs in the comp. This play gave them an edge, to move the ball quicker & more accurate than any other team.

The difference between the teams in the Grand Final there were prepared to sacrifice their comfort zones.

These teams like Michael Phelps did more of the painful tasks that needed to get done.

For those who don't know the Western Bulldogs Beat the Sydney Swans 89 to 67

John Longmire the Sydney Swans' coach said the Bulldogs had more contributors on the day.

Like all teams, you business is only as good as contributions from your team.

On paper, you would say the Swans had more stars.

They had had more Grand Final experience yet it was not enough to get the victory.

To Stand on the Victory Dais you need to turn up & take the steps to fulfil your vision.

Can the Sharks Get their Fairy Tale Ending?

  • Penatly Sharks ahead by 2...
  • The Sharks have just moved to 8 Nil...
  • 2nd Half - Storm coming Storm 6 Sharks 8...
  • They're running out of troops. Can they hang on?...
  • Storm hits the front...
  • Storms 12 Sharks 8...
  • Sharks coming back...
  • Fifita has just gone over for life...
  • Storms 12 Sharks 14...

The Sharks Fairy Tale Continues.

The Shark Wins

The Sharks win the 2016 NRL Grand final

AAP: Craig Golding The Sharks Win

Sharks 14 Win Storms 12

The Sharks took their medicine with their dealing with ASADA. Now they have just won the NRL Grand final.

They also took ownership of their vision.

This sums up what the Shark victory means to the Shire's Fan

This sums up what the Shark victory means to the Shire's Fans

Is your vision big enough help you overcome the roadblocks that life throws in your way?

Carpe Diem

Seize The Day

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