What a way to spend a relaxing afternoon at The Newport


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What a way to spend a relaxing afternoon at The Newport

Enjoying The Newport on Saturday Afternoon The Stage

Yesterday I had lunch at The Newport.

I'd been looking forward going back to the refurbished Newport Arms Hotel on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

For those not familiar with The Newport Arms it sits on the stunning shores of Pittwater.

Merivale purchased the Newport Arms in 2015.

They employed over 500 local tradesmen to refresh & transform The Newport.

The Newport has always been a family hotel, where the kids were welcome in the sprawling beer garden.

Justin Hemmes, the CEO of Merivale, is no stranger to running Hotels. Some of the Hotels they own are The Ivy, The Establishment & the Coogee Pavilion. They also have many restaurants like Papi Chulo on Manly Wharf, est. Mr Wong's, & Queen Cho to name a few.

I think one of the reasons Justin’s venues do so well, is because each one is unique. They're not based on Cookie cutter formula like McDonald's. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying they're haphazard, or lack planning. They clearly built on great vision and systems that work.

My first impressions of The Newport did not disappoint.

The Newport

I would say Justin's biggest asset is he understands his audience & knows how to deliver the WOW that suits our expectations.

During the Newport'’s building process Merivale consulted with the local community to make sure it fitted the area.

“Community involvement has been crucial every step of the way,for the hotel,""My role is about engaging with the community to make sure they feel part of what we're building. We've consistently asked ourselves What local resources do we have, what can we harness? and, most importantly, 'What does the community want? That's very much the heart and soul of the establishment. It's a hub of creativity up here, and we want to showcase that.””
Mel Holmes, a Newport local & The Newport Community Manager

Just Open: Merivale re-launches the Newport Arms /

Enjoying The Newport on Saturday Afternoon

Walking through the Outdoor Space, it's more than a Beer Garden, with its various outdoor dining spaces and bars Nestled amongst idyllic gardens & Sweeping views of Pittwater.

Areial view of Newport

So the first task was to find empty Table. Not so easy. If I had to guess, I say there were well over 200 tables spread around the garden. The Newport comfortably copes with a 1000 people. It’s a good idea to grab a table with an umbrella & in the shade o a sunny day.

Within 10 minutes we found a table in one of the courtyards which overlooked Pittwater, showcasing Bayview.

Looking at Pitwater from The Newport

There's Nothing worse than going to Restaurant & the menu goes forever trying to cover every food cuisine.

If you ever Watch Gordon Ramsey This one of his biggest concerns When people offer complicated huge menus with a bit everything. They don’t really stand for anything & they try to please everybody and please nobody.

The Newport Menu

The Newport Menu & Map

You could say The Newport has gone for a Big Menu, but they pull it off.

The reason this works is because they built different food precincts like you find at 5 Star Resorts.

When you get a menu, it has Map so find your way around 11,500sq m site.

So you are spoilt for choice in the diversity of food, drinks and areas to sit.

The Newport is like a bustling market place with each food Stall having its own tightly defined menu.

So you could choice from

  • THE SHACK...
  • THE KIOSK...

So we decided While Sipping a cold 4 Pines Kolsch that The Shack Menu Suited us on the Lazy Saturday afternoon, without a care in the world.

So I wandered over to the Shack ordered

Grilled Octopus - Clarence River octopus, aioli, romesco and sourdough

  • Grilled Octopus - Clarence River octopus, aioli, romesco and sourdough...
  • Crispy Basil Prawns with spicy mayo...
  • Fries...
  • Chicken Wings...

Within 7 minutes I was heading back to our table for only $50.

The food was fresh, delicious and reasonably priced.

What more could you ask for, having cruisy lunch with good company & stunning views of Pittwater

You can tell these menus have been Well planned & thought out.

“good, honest food with no gimmicks” – a happy match for this iconic venue and its locals. “Being honest would have to be my main credo – simple, unpretentious produce done with love and respect,”

When asked what excited Sebastien most. “At the moment, it would have to be the burger shack,” he admits. “We’ve spent a lot of time designing the kitchen, looking at equipment and working on burgers. So I can’t wait to see the final product come together,""
Newport’s Executive Chef Sebastien Lutaud Introducing The Newport

The kids have not been forgotten with a Games Area

The kids have not been forgotten with a Games Area

A mural covers the wall of the Game Room telling the story of the Newport.

Local artist Desmond Sweeney created a with seaplanes, older-style boats, beach-goers and paddle-boarders into his impressive 24-metre mural.

The Games area is just meant to be fun with oversized Scrabble board, a winner’s podium, a limbo rail and stand, and a ballet bar.

The Newport on Pittwater

The Newport still has the atmosphere where you just want have a beer or summer cocktail & chill with your friends & family while enjoying the breeze dancing off Pittwater. The buzz and aromas of different food stalls pumping out fast, fresh & delicious food.

If you down Newport way drop in for a beer & grab a feed, bring your family & friends. You won't be disappointed.

The Newport Feels casual, & it's easy to forget the cares of the world, as time just drifts away.

This did not just happen by accident. Sure the Newport Arms has alway been a family pub with a good Seafood Platter or Steak & great views of Pittwater.

The Merivale have not just taken Location for granted but tried to make sure that it remains focused on maintaining the link between the venue and local community.

The Newport

2 Kalinya St, Newport

NSW 2106

The Newport

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