Weird, Whacky and Wonderful Dishes

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Weird, Whacky and Wonderful Dishes

PieFee: A coffee served in a pie crust

There's nothing quite so bad as getting accused of being beige, bland or boring.

If you want to shine, then you need to get people’s attention. To stand out. Be bold.

You don't have to look too far to see Restaurants have embraced this concept to offer different unique food experiences.

Every cooking show on TV wants to paint themselves as leading the charge with WOW food. You don't win by making ho-hum, run-of the mill, stock-standard dishes.

They're looking at combining unusual and unexpected foods together. They're not limited by conventional cooking methods, so they're getting more adventurous tasting food.

Let's look at these Weird, Whacky and Wonderful Dishes

PieFee: A coffee served in a pie crust

Tasteful Bakehouse created the Piefee cafe Latte served Pie Crust

Tasteful Bakehouse & Cafe - the Piefee

Poached Chicken, Jellyfish and Pig's Ear Salad

Mr Wong - Poached Chicken, Jellyfish and Pig's Ear Salad

“We went to Mr Wong's for mid week dinner, Great atmosphere and the service was fantastic our waiter was friendly and attentive, the food was fantastic, we ordered Textural salad of poached chicken, jellyfish and pig's ear, was fresh and enjoyable, I was surprised by the taste, recommend this to try.”
Mr Wong TripAdvisor Review

Mr Wong - Poached Chicken, Jellyfish and Pig's Ear Salad TripAdvisor

  • Mr Wong
  • 3 Bridge Lane, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Check out Mr Wong

JM Chapulines (Grasshopper) Tacos

Toloache - JM Chapulines (Grasshopper) Tacos

Oaxacan-style dried grasshoppers, onions, cilantro, jalapeño, salsa verde

“Amazing food, nice atmosphere and the grasshopper tacos are unique and delicious”
Toloache Google Review

Toloache Chapulines (Grasshopper) Tacos Google Review

  • Toloache
  • 205 Thompson Street (at Bleecker Street) New York USA
  • Check out Toloache

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Mr Wong - Poached Chicken, Jellyfish and Pig's Ear Salad

This description made me laugh!

“They have options for the vegetarians among us, though vegans might find themselves lacking choices. They also have some options on the adventurous end of things - a burger with peanut butter, bacon, and fried bananas aptly entitled “The King” among them. Their specials list lately has contained Rocky Mountain oysters as an appetiser. For those not in the know, there are no oceans in the Rocky Mountains, and what they are referring to are fried bull's testicles. I'm not joking. I actually thought the menu item was a joke, but nope, they apparently really do have them and will happily serve you a steaming plate of gonads if you so choose. I haven't worked up the courage to order them yet, but if they're still there next time, I might.”
Boston Burger Company Yelp Review

What about this one?

“Best Rocky Mountain Oysters (Calf Fries) I ever had”

“I search out restaurants that serve Rocky Mountain Oysters, Mountain Oysters, Calf Fries, Beef Balls, Beef Nuts and any other name they go by. This one had the best I have had in 67 years of eating Rocky Mountain Oysters. My wife had a steak that was also excellent. In addition fried okra, cowboy beans, beefsteak maters with red onions, steak fries. This is the place that if you eat a 72 oz steak with all the trimmings in an hour our less you don't have to pay for it. Decor is excellent as well. Don't miss this restaurant if you are in Amarillo, TX. Easy on easy off the interstate, motel with it as well as a horse motel.”
Big Texan Steak Ranch TripAdvisor Review

Big Texan Steak Ranch - Best Rocky Mountain Oysters TripAdvisor

  • Big Texan Steak Ranch
  • 7701 E Interstate 40, Amarillo, TX USA
  • Check out Mr Wong

Camel Burger

Arabian Nights - Camel Burger

Camel is said to be halfway between beef and lamb, you can choice your sauce

“You guys have to try the Camel Burger its amazing mmmmmm”
Camel Burger - Arabian Nights- Facebook Review

Big Texan Steak Ranch - Best Rocky Mountain Oysters TripAdvisor

  • Arabian Nights
  • 47 Moore St, Liverpool NSW, Australia
  • Check out Arabian Nights

Red-Braised Carmelised Wallaby Tail

Billy Kwong - Red-Braised Carmelised Wallaby Tail

Red-Braised Carmelised Wallaby Tail with Black Bean & Chilli

“We built our holiday in Sydney in part around a meal at Billy Kwong's. It was delicious. The stars of our meal were the braised wallaby tail and the Lucy Margaux wine. Aside from the wallaby which was punchy with garlic and chilli the meal was comprised of subtle but complex flavours, the Australian native greens in particular are very, very good. Special shout out to the sommelier who could not have been more helpful. This was well worth coming from New Zealand for.”
Billy Kwong - Red-Braised Carmelised Wallaby Tail TripAdvisor ReviewBilly Kwong - Red-Braised Carmelised Wallaby Tail TripAdvisor Review

Billy Kwong - Red-Braised Carmelised Wallaby Tail TripAdvisor

  • Billy Kwong
  • Shop 1, 28 Macleay Street,Potts Point, NSW, Australia
  • Check out Billy Kwong

What weird, whacky and wonderful dishes have you tasted?

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