Washtech Glasswashers

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The video on Washtech G Series Glasswashers has now been posted to youtube.

The script for this video is:

Washtech G Series Glasswashers, for a new perspective on clean.

Washtech pioneered recirculating glass washers in Australia. The Washtech Re-circulating glass washer model is the GM.

The GM has a capacity of 1000 glasses per hour.

and uses only 2 litres of water per cycle, so you can save on water, save on chemicals.
The Washtech GM is a high efficiency, high performance multi-cycle machine and is suitable for busy bars and coffee shops.

Washtech also manufacture a non-recirculating glass washer. Models include the GE & GA.

Both the GE & GA models have a capacity up to 1000 glasses per hour. The GA with its booster pump is suitable for low water pressure areas.

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Washtech G Series Glasswashers

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