Wash, rinse, polish


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Wash, rinse, polish

Winterhalter UC SERIES Polish free glassswashers

Washes. Rinses. Polishes. The perfect glasswasher for your business. Eliminate hand polishing and save your business thousands. 

Winterhalter strives to provide businesses with more than warewashers – they provide warewashing solutions by utilising technology designed to solve all problems – from hygiene to efficiency to the staffing shortage. 

One prime example is their Reverse Osmosis technology. With this advanced water-treatment device, businesses can save time and staff resources while ensuring perfectly polished and clean cutlery, glassware, and all other wares. Reverse osmosis allows staff to focus on the jobs that matter – making the staffing crisis obsolete.

Never hand polish again

Winterhalter dedicates their time to making your time more valuable. Their team of scientists have incorporated Reverse Osmosis (RO) to the wash process. RO removes all impurities from the water which means no need for hand polishing, slicing hours off your staff's workload!

The latest range of Under Counters - coined THE MASTERPIECE - are the best that they have ever designed. Perfectly coordinated accessories. Specially developed chemicals. Advice. Training. Service. All that and now new technology that makes it easier to control your wash, and saves you time, money and most importantly, massively reduces water consumption. The result is a professional tool for commercial dishwashing. A piece of the future.  Find out about connected wash compatibility to save yourself even more time and money.

How does reverse osmosis help?

Reverse osmosis helps a business stand out above the rest without the hard work and hiring more staff. The unique technology within the reverse osmosis water treatment device removes 98% of all impurities dissolved in the wash water – including limescale and minerals. Doing so eliminates the risk of deposits left on glassware, cutlery and crockery to ensure they leave the ware washer sparkling clean and polished. This simple feature saves staff hours of hand polishing every night, giving them time to focus their energy elsewhere. It also saves the venue on labour costs and allows managers to re-invest in something else.

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