Vito saves up to 50% on your oil costs

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Save up to 50% on your present frying oil costs with Vito The world's most innovative frying oil filtration system!

Right now you could be enjoying the benefits of frying oil that is always at optimum quality, and save up to 50% on your present frying oil costs.

Old or new fryers? All frying equipment will benefit from VITO’s exclusive in-fryer pressure filtration system that removes contaminants down to an incredible 5 microns - meaning cleaner oil and better tasting product with the ease of automatic shut-off.

With a VITO in-fryer oil filter system you will:

  • • save up to 50% on your oil usage
  • • improve the taste and quality of your fried food
  • • purchase LESS oil and increase profits
  • • save on labour costs
  • • save on oil disposal costs

Profit from all of this by using the VITO oil filter system with automatic shut off for 5 minutes daily. It's that easy.

The VITO effect

What is VITO doing?

What is VITO doing? The VITO Effect

Used daily, VITO filters remove food particles and carbon from your frying oil.

Frying in clean, filtered oil will result in a better tasting and better looking fried product.

Oil life increases and workload decreases through less oil changes and fryer cleanings.

Your questions answered

These are commonly asked questions regarding Vito Oil Filters.

What are the main benefits of using a Vito Oil Filter?

1. Ensure the quality of your oil
2. Save money
3. Reduce your workload
4. Easy & safe handling

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