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High speed ovens Everyone wants quicker cook times and better food quality

Now, more than almost any other time in history food businesses are being forced to diversify, sometimes just to survive. Altering your menu to suit the changing demands of customers is not always about increasing the number of high profit lines. Consideration also needs to be given to the two following points:

  • • 1. Top of the list is taste - no matter what you create foodwise, your offer has to be extremely tasty.
  • • 2. Whether it is sit down or takeaway, customers do not like to wait. Waiting time these days equates to more potential exposure to COVID-19 and no one wants that. So the faster you can serve the better the end result, for both your business and the customer.

Both of the above needs can be addressed by using one of the speed ovens that are now available on the market.


Menumaster have several high speed ovens to choose between.

Menumaster's JET5192 Accelerated Cooking Oven combines microwave heat with convection heat to give you quicker cook times and better food quality. The unit evenly and consistently bakes, browns and toasts food up to ten times faster than traditional methods and comes with USB programming capabilities for the ultimate ease of use.

Or the Menumaster MRX Xpress IQ™ Speed Oven. Customers seeking delicious food served fast and affordably, are just a few of these constants. For this, speed ovens are an operator's best friend, and for unsurpassed speed and design you can't go past the new Menumaster MRX Xpress IQ™ Speed Oven.

Menumaster ...

Menumaster MRX Xpress IQ™ Speed Oven Faster ... Smaller ... Smarter

Merrychef Eikon Speed Ovens Ultra-short cooking times ... ultra-high energy efficiency

Merrychef Eikon Speed Ovens

The modern fast food menu has a lot going on. It's not enough to simply offer the basic takeaways in this country – Australians crave foods that are as creative as they are quick and tasty.

Of course, that combination can be a challenge for the average takeaways shop, cafe or kiosk, especially as a queue starts to form. But what if we told you there is a simple way to diversify and expand your menu without sacrificing food quality or speed of cooking?

Enter: Merrychef speed ovens.

Merrychef ...

Woodson Pronto Quick Performance Oven

The Pronto quick performance oven delivers perfect cooking results in the shortest time.

In the fast pace QSR industry, delivering quality foods in the shortest time is key to customer satisfaction and retention.The Woodson Pronto quick performance oven is compact, easy to operate and puts the power of impingement cooking at your fingertips.

Pronto offers the flexibility to customize up to 50 programs on the user-friendly touchscreen. Cook a variety of menu items throughout the day that satisfies your customers as it adapts to your growing business.

Pronto ...

Woodson Pronto Quick Performance Oven Quick Performance Oven That Fits Every Space

Turbochef Ventless Rapid Cook Ovens Built for Speed

Turbochef Ventless Rapid Cook Ovens

TurboChef rapid cook ovens utilize top and/or bottom air impingement assisted by precise bursts of microwave to decrease cook times by more than 80% without compromising quality.

Versatility and throughput in less space.

The i3 oven maximizes throughput and versatility with its large cavity size and ability to cook with most any metal pan up to a half-size sheet pan.

Turbochef ...

Unox Bakerlux Speed.Pro Speed Oven

BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro™ is the first everbaking speed oven: a convection oven and a speed oven in a single piece of equipment. Small footprint, maximum profit.

The Unox technology applied to BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro™ ovens is designed to automatically manage the cooking and heating process of food and thus allows you to focus on what is most important to you.

Product ...

Unox Bakerlux Speed.Pro Speed Oven The first ever baking speed oven

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