Tough in the tightest spaces

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Tough in the tightest spaces

As commercial spaces continue to get tighter, waste management has become increasingly difficult. Trends that drive facility design and layout are creating a need for space-efficient waste and recycling products.

Since Rubbermaid Commercial introduced the first small footprint professional grade waste containers in 1978, the Slim Jim® model has been at the forefront for it's uncompromised performance in the tightest spaces. Slim Jim® Cleaning Accessories make mobile waste collection and cleaning in tight spaces easier than ever. Mix and match Slim Jim cleaning accessories, containers, and dollies to suit any space.         

Slim Jim containers are fit for the job no matter the space thanks to their proprietary design including venting channels and liner cinches.

Slim Jim® containers are designed with four integrated venting channels that create airflow throughout the container, making removing liners up to 80% easier. By reducing the pull force required to lift out liners, Slim Jim® containers improve productivity and reduce the risk of worker injury.   

At SCK, the Rubbermaid Slim Jim is by far the most popular waste container that we sell. 

Recycling solutions

Slim Jim® containers are perfect for recycling collection in a variety of hospitality situations, including commercial kitchens, and other space-constrained environments. Vertical and horizontal lid types are available for different container orientations.

Recycling solutions

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