Time for an upgrade?


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Time for an upgrade?

With SilverChef's Rent-Try-Buy product customers can upgrade to new equipment at any time and return after 12 months.

SilverChef know that when you work in hospitality, constant change is the one thing you can rely on! They've got your back, because with Rent-Try-Buy® you can upgrade your equipment at any time.

Reasons to Upgrade

1. The equipment you purchased to open your business isn't keeping up with demand.
2. The warrantly period on your equipment is running out.  
3. Your business is changing direction.
4. Your equipment keeps breaking down.

In all of these examples you have the ability, if you originally financed your purchase through SilverChef Rent Try Buy, to simply return the item to SilverChef and upgrade to the bigger or newer piece of equipment.

Ups and Downs

SilverChef's Rent Try Buy gives you the flexibility to manage the ups and downs of the hospitality industry.

If your business grows or changes and rather than being left with equipment that is no longer suited to this operation.

Rent Try Buy

RTB is ideal for new businesses, or growing businesses looking to add new items to the menu or expand to new locations.

The ability to upgrade equipment ensures adaptability as a business grows, while predictable weekly payments all that new business to invest their cash in the growth of the business instead of tying it up in buying equipment outright.

Make your business our next satisfied client

If you are looking to buy equipment for your cafe or restaurant at the best price, then let us do the hard work and source the right product for your restaurant, cafe, takeaway or commercial kitchen.

Our goal at SCK is to sell you products that add value to your business.

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