This is not a bottle shop - this is a wine destination!

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Sneakers are boring but give me wine & I'm happy

Wine Tasting Masterclass Le Pont Wine Store Milson Point

When I studied my Diploma in Management, I came to the conclusion that sneakers are boring.

The first case-study we did was on sports shoes such as Nikes and Reeboks. It just didn't excite me all that much.

If I was going to spend the next 4 years studying, then I had to find something I would be happy researching & could put effort into while simultaneously juggling a full-time job.

Some of you may not know this, but I spent 3 years living in Adelaide. I spent many weekends riding my bike through the wineries with a bunch of friends.

We would hire a caravan or book a Youth Hostel and spend the weekend riding through Barossa, Clare Valley, Eden Valley, Mclaren Vale & COONAWARRA.

We would cycle around, visiting the wineries. At the end of the weekend, we would drive around picking up the wines we liked & bought.

My favourite winery, which I visited many times, was Grant Burge.

Looking across Grant burge's Winery

He had a wine called the Meshach, named after his great great Grandfather. Some of my more knowledgeable friends claim it's as good as the Penfold Grange.

Meshach made his first wine in 1865 in the Barossa & Grant is the fifth generation wine maker.

On one of our bike rides, we were lucky to be at Henschke in Eden Valley when it was announced across the PA that their red wine, Hill of Grace had just won the Jimmy Watson Trophy.

So instead of Sports Shoes, I decided to Major in Wines

In the 4 years of my Management & Marketing Course, I did over 14 Business Plans, Marketing Concepts & Case Studies on the Wine Industry.

I got Distinctions for every presentation I did.

Not because I was the smartest, but because I had two distinct advantages over everybody else in my class.

I had spent a lot of time riding through & visiting wineries.

But that advantage paled when I gave my marketing presentation. They didn't stand a chance.

Most people in my class, for some weird reason, seemed to focus all their attention on sports shoes. I must admit, these brands did have cool ads.

I remember my first Marketing assignment presentation. I rang up Grant Burges Winery & I asked if I could create a marketing plan for them free of charge. So after they got off the phone, they sent a case of wine with a courier to Sydney. They suggested I use the wine as part of my presentation.

So I would bring along some bottles of wine & glasses. Then I'd open the wines & share them with the class.

So if you have the choice of watching 7 to 9 Nike case studies or learning about wine while you enjoy a couple of glasses of red, which one do you think the teachers were going to vote for?

You guessed it. Giving people a glass of wine was a great strategy to get the votes.

So for the next 4 years, I did my marketing assignments on wineries around Australia. A couple of bottles of wine certainly make a big difference. Each time, my knowledge of wineries, the process of wine making & wine marketing grew.

So I have always enjoyed a red wine.

So my interest is always piqued when I hear good things about people in the wine industry.

When I read the words,"This is not a bottle shop - this is a wine destination!" it's fair to say they had my attention.

Le Pont Wine Store Milson Point

wines at Le Pont Wine Store Milson Point

Expertise. Brilliantly boutique. Your local fine wine destination

Le Pont Wine Store is about the wines they like to drink, not simply those that are in fashion or receive high ratings.

Le Pont Wine Store opened in August 2016, with a desire to create the penultimate fine wine destination on the North Shore of Sydney, a place where they could share their knowledge and passion with their customers. Whether it be through their popular Saturday tastings or regular in-store masterclasses, they welcome every opportunity to engage with their customers and share their latest discoveries.

Their range is broad and eclectic - but not for the sake of being so. It nod's to the great regions of France, however you'll find Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Spain are all well represented. Above all, their wines leave you wanting another glass, they're interesting to drink and represent great value. On top of this they have a great range of artisanal spirits, aperitif's/digestifs, Eue de Vie's and craft beers.

Ron & Rob Le Pont Wine Store

Ron & Rob Le Pont Wine Store

Le Pont Wine Store Milson Point Reviews

“This is not a bottle shop - this is a wine destination!”

This is not a bottle shop - this is a wine destination!

“Good place to go for a fine wine at a decent price”

Good place to go for a fine wine at a decent price

So if you're in Milson Point & Looking for a different range of wines then make sure you check out Le Pont Wine Store Milson Point

Le Pont Wine Store Milson Point broad and eclectic wine range

Le Pont Wine Store Milson Point - A broad and eclectic wine range.

Ph: 02 9929 8609

Or go online:

Shop 2, 110 Alfred Street, Milsons Point NSW 2061

Le Pont Wine Store Milson Point Opening Hours:

  • Mon - Thurs 10:00am - 8:00pm
  • Friday 10:00am - 9:00pm
  • Sat 10:00am - 9:00pm
  • Sun 10:00am - 7:00pm

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Thanks Rob & Ron & the team at Le Pont Wine Store Milson Point for your support.

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