The Silent Restaurant Killer

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The Silent Restaurant Killer

Avoiding Burnout with These Three Strategies for Your Restaurant Marketing Plan

A whopping 53 percent of businesses that close are actually surviving or even thriving when they shut their doors for good. We look at three anti-burnout strategies for your restaurant marketing planto keep you and your restaurant happy and healthy.

As restaurant owners we naturally assume that hustle and bustle is good, being on your feet all the time is productive, and a bit of stress just comes with the territory. But this can be a trap that can close down your restaurant even if the cash is flowing in.

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Frequency Through Loyalty Original story on

Frequency Through Loyalty

How Corner Bakery Cafe Drives Frequency Through Loyalty

Corner Bakery Café has grown from a small neighborhood bakery to locations in 23 states serving kitchen-crafted breakfast, lunch, dinner, and catering. More than a bakery and more than a café, it’s a brand crafted for today's lifestyle. Guests can make themselves at home in a warm comfortable atmosphere while enjoying a menu of freshly grilled paninis, made-to-order salads, and pasta pan sautéed to order.

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Hosting a Pop-Up Event

How to host pop-up events in your restaurant.

I was approached by a cool taco cart chef who wants to do a pop-up in my full-service brick-and-mortar. I think it can bring in some new people, but I'm not sure how to structure it financially. Can I just rent her the kitchen? Revenue share?

Owner, Westchester, N.Y.

Collaborations like these can have many benefits:

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Using Customer Reviews

How to Gather and Use Customer Reviews in Marketing

There’s no question that customer reviews are integral to the face of the modern small business, whether you are a local deli or small chain. In case you didn’t know, 92 percent of customers use online reviews today to make purchasing decisions — particularly when it comes to food.

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