The mother of invention

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The mother of invention Hot cross buns

"Necessity is the mother of invention. A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem"

Plato, ancient Greek philosopher

Where is your thinking at?

The image above shows my cousin, who was in quarantine in a Sydney Hotel at Easter, having been stuck on a virus free cruise off South America for 2 weeks longer than scheduled. While the hotel where they stayed had no heating/cooking facilities in the room he was determined to have hot cross buns on Easter Sunday. Problem solved!

As Coronavirus takes a firm hold on the hospitality industry and for that matter the Australian economy, what is your plan moving forward?

While Government assistance packages like the 'Jobkeeper Allowance' and the 'Cash Flow Boost' for businesses are designed to help, you still have an opportunity to make changes to your business structure that will propel you into the future, especially once this is all over.

I remember addressing a group of small business owners when the GFC took hold back in 2008. The gist of my talk was how, when the GFC was finally over, there would be businesses out there that would look back, smile and think 'well what an incredible ride that was'.

The same thing will happen once COVID-19 is under control, vaccines have been made and life starts returning to normal. There will be businesses that have thought outside the box and turned their revenue stream on its head. I don't know how this scenario would look for your business but if you can find it the rewards will be huge.

What I am doing

It is important to remember that you cannot always be the source of all information and planning for your business, you need to look to external sources for additional help.

With that in mind, I have 'zoomed' in on opportunities to register for all types of webinars etc, hosted by a variety of experts from a range of industries. I feel this is important because it sometimes only takes one thought to get things moving.

As business has slowed down, I have also been using my new found spare time to read voraciously on things far and wide, because, again, you never know where inspiration will come from.

Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business will also be sharing advice for small businesses which rely on the platform on to help navigate the challenges they are facing from COVID-19.

The initiative has kicked off with a call out for small business to tell Instagram what insights would help equip them for what they are facing.

Instagram for Business

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