The Meaning of Life

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The Meaning of Life The Meaning of Life

Sorry, I do not intend to break into a Monty Pythonesque story. It is a slightly less funny subject, Life antimicrobial protection, that is...

HACCP APPROVED M-Span, Real TUFF and Wire Shelving

Mantova has a wide selection of easy to clean Food Safe shelving suitable for cool rooms, kitchens, freezers and dry storage. The complete range of shelving options are covered with M-Span, Real Tuff and Wire Shelving.


The all new M-Span shelf is designed to last a lifetime for an affordable price. Made by over moulding a sub frame with Food Grade Polypropylene to produce a strong shelf in one process. This patented technique reduces the cost and the carbon footprint to benefit both the customer and the environment.

M-span shelves are not only durable, adjustable and easy to assemble, they have LIFE antimicrobial protection built in to ensure the safety and sanitation of items placed on it. What is more, they are manufactured in a very energy efficient manner and are completely recyclable, significantly reducing their cost and carbon footprint. This is the smart option for those who want reliable coolroom shelving that offers great savings and manufacturing benefits for the environment.

Real Tuff

Mantova's Post Shelving with Real Tuff removable shelves have been making life easier for thousands of Australian businesses for more then a decade. Removable shelves are easy to clean and are dishwasher proof. Cleaning your cool room one shelf at a time without having to dismantle the whole bay of shelves is a huge time and cost saving.

Real Tuff removable shelves make it extremely easy to clean your shelves. In just a snap, you can remove shelves one at a time without having to dismantle the entire bay of shelves. Has one of your stored items spilled over? There is no need to take the entire shelf down. With Real Tuff shelves, all you need to do is take out the individual soiled shelves. This will save you time and the convenience it offers is unbeatable. Our Real Tuff shelves also have Life antimicrobial protection built in.

Wire Shelving

Our wire shelving options are made with solid roll formed sides and frames which make them easier to clean than most other brands and give these shelves a nice, clean look. Our wire shelving is built strong to last and is available in Stainless Steel and Zinc Plated. At SCK our preference, based on years of experience is to sell you the stainless steel option.

Choose Only Top Quality Stainless Steel Shelving for Your Storage Needs

Here at Mantova we also offer durable dunnage shelving and mobile shelving options. All our shelving options are height adjustable, quick and easy to assemble with no tools required and HACCP Australia Approved.

Mantova's Diverse M-Span, Real Tuff and Wire Shelving Options Come with Easy Maintenance Features

With their flat, open surfaces and holes, our shelves can effectively enable airflow and help preserve the freshness of food items stored. They are also incredibly easy to maintain. Simply wipe them up or in the case of our removable Real Tuff shelves, toss them in the dishwasher and they’ll be spick and span.

Life Antimicrobial Protection

Materials that incorporate LIFE’s antimicrobial additives/treatments will inhibit or kill bacteria, fungi, algae, and other micro-organisms that come in contact with the materials.

Because the antimicrobial additives/treatments are built in or applied during manufacturing of the materials, the antimicrobial effect lasts for the useful life of the treated materials. Leading manufacturers and brands use LIFE’s antimicrobial additives and treatments to:

  • Reduce bacterial odors in textiles
  • Prevent mold in building products
  • Inhibit bacterial growth in food handling areas
  • Inhibit allergy-inducing molds in bedding and carpeting
  • Reduce infectious bacteria on hospital and medical surfaces
  • Improve hygiene and peace of mind for a number of consumer and industrial products

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