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Test your ReFlexes Warning: do not hit fridges with a hammer!

Do you know what is weird? We sell some of the world's most energy efficient fridges, but the single thing everyone wants to know is what is the ticket price.

From this it appears that many customers are still assessing commercial refrigeration as a static asset, something begrudgingly bought as a necessity. And when you do that, you focus almost entirely on the purchase price and, once purchased, you don't notice the thing again unless it breaks down.

This decision is obviously driven in smaller businesses by a lack of cash that encourages owner operators to repeat a cycle of replacing cheap unreliable fridges with more cheap unreliable fridges.

What everyone is missing here is that the entire time they are paying through the nose for their energy costs.

Asking the correct questions gives the right answers

Like, what's the real price of commercial refrigeration?

The real price of commercial refrigeration is not on the price in the showroom, but also includes the cost of power, as well as any maintenance and repair bills you receive over 10-plus years that you expect your fridge to last.

Skope ReFlex Fridges can pay for themselves on power savings alone

That old clunker or even replacing that clunker with a similar but newer model may cost you thousands of dollars every year to run.

Skope ReFlex refrigeration products run on R290 refrigerant which as a bonus also happens to be a natural refrigerant product. R290 fridges cost significantly less on your power bills to run.

While I don't have the actual numbers, given the savings of some of the other products in the Skope range, it is probably a safe bet that you could easily expect to pay off your fridge on electrical savings well inside the life expectancy of that fridge. Possibly even a couple of times!

Skope ReFlex leverages the power of SKOPE-connect to let you switch between ideal temperature settings at the touch of an app.

Skope Connect

SKOPE-connect™ puts you in control

Here is a list of what you can do with the Skope Connect app once you have downloaded it to your device.

Connect and Control via Bluetooth™ Individual & multiple fridges across venues.

Review the History 24 hour quick view summary or up to 5 months of graphical information for fridge temperature, energy use and door openings.

Know the Energy Use Drill down into energy consumption by day, week, or month in both kWh and $ value.

Set the Product Temperature Simple “one-touch” temperature select for the product being stored via seven easy pre-sets or manual adjustment.

Supports HACCP - Monitor & Export Display and export fridge temperature data and raise an alert if the temperature exceeds the limits you set.

Control the Lighting Switch lights on or off, or schedule lights to function with store hours or door openings.

Make it Quieter One touch Hush Mode quietens the fridge, making it ideal for customer service areas.

Comprehensive Alarms Provides a description of the fridge or freezer fault and the recommended action to rectify it.


The real price of energy efficient refrigeration is not the price on the sticker in the showroom. It's the price you pay every day your business is not using energy efficient equipment.

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