Ten Great Reasons to Buy Skope Refrigeration Products

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1. ValueThe performance and quality of the SKOPE range gives you the best value products in the commercial refrigeration market. Skope’s standard, mid and premium range products add value your business.2. PerformanceSkope lead the market in the development of refrigeration technology. One of their many innovations include using smaller, more powerful motors that maximise energy efficiency to give you greater savings.Their many patented engineering and design features combine to give your business the most reliable, cost effective, high performing and functional refrigeration available.In addition, all Skope products are certified to ISO 9001 quality standard, ensuring you always get the best quality products from SKOPE.3. Leading Energy Efficiency and SustainabilityAs early adopters of environmentally friendly initiatives such as CFC-free refrigerants, Skope commercial refrigeration products are designed to perform optimally whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions.When you buy a new SKOPE refrigeration cabinet, you get the benefit of lower operating costs through greater efficiency as well as reducing your impact on the environment.Many of their products qualify for the MEPS ‘High Energy Efficiency’ rating. For a complete list of SKOPE’s registered products, visit www.energyrating.gov.au.4. Globally CompetitiveSkope pride themselves on bringing you locally designed and engineered products that have proven themselves globally competitive. SKOPE has a successful track record track record operating in international markets and forming partnerships with world class organisations.5. ChoiceSkope have a comprehensive range of refrigeration products that ensure you get the best possible solution for your business. Skope’s Customised Products Division also gives you the ability to order purpose built cabinets to meet your unique requirements. SKOPE has the ability to meet all your refrigeration needs, saving you time and money.6. Food SafetySkope are a family owned company that aims to lead the market in the provision of safe refrigeration solutions. Their history with global food and beverage manufacturers has ensured that Skope exceed local food safety requirements, ensuring that Skope cabinets constantly and evenly chill food and beverages, which is of vital importance in today’s increasingly regulated food market.7. WarrantySkope stand behind all of their products and All SKOPE-manufactured products in New Zealand and Australia are supported by a one or two-year warranty with an optional third year extension. The warranty program requires that you register each cabinet on purchase enabling Skope to monitor your cabinet to give you the service and support you need.8. Continual Product DevelopmentSKOPE Industries have been at the forefront of refrigeration technology for over 60 years. With the largest design and innovation centre of its kind in Australasia, their design and innovation is globally recognised. Skope also partner internationally with leading organizations to bring you the best refrigeration solutions available.9. Reduced Product MaintenanceAll commercial refrigeration products need regular servicing to prolong their life and performance, however, SKOPE design their refrigeration cabinets to minimise the maintenance required and reduce disruption to your business. For more information on servicing requirements call Skope Customer Services line on 1800 121 535.10. Dealer and Service PartnersSkope have an outstanding team of authorised dealers and service agents who pride themselves on helping you decide on the right refrigeration products. The dealers and service agents ensure your ‘footprint’ is delivered and maintained exactly to your specifications. In NSW in 2009, Sydney Commercial Kitchens was the number 1 Skope dealer, call us on 1300 881119 or email info@sck.com.au to find out why.

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