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Turbofan ovens can make the difference in any kitchen

What makes Turbofan ovens so robust and dependable?

"Vitreous enamel doesn't just provide better heat retention than stainless steel, it's also far stronger."

The Turbofan range is continually being improved and updated.

Ease of use has been a major focus in the Turbofan convection oven range, with the choice of control interface across all series. Here the introduction of an intuitive touch panel provides quick access to cooking control and, with manual, digital and this touch screen option, kitchens now have even greater choice.

Quality of construction

The first component of any reliable product is its construction. We're not just talking about the materials used, but the processes and people who actually put each individual unit together. As one of Moffat's own brands, we directly oversee Turbofan's build quality, and can make sure we're striving for the best at every stage.


Another aspect of the reliability of Turbofan ovens is the huge range of different products. Whether you're after a double-stacked unit (a very popular choice), or something more customised, or extras such as holding cabinets, you'll be able to find the perfect fit for your business. This provides peace of mind that your oven will do exactly what you need it to – time after time.

This series offers an expanded platform of products, with a wider range of oven footprints, side hinged and drop down doors and increased tray loading capacity to suit virtually any application.

Now with the choice of control interface extended even further for selected models in the 20 and 30 Series, the introduction of the three control panel options - manual, digital and the new touch screen option, kitchens now have even greater choice.

Manual Control

Manual control offers easy to use knob driven control to access high performance power.

Simple and efficient, our easy to use manual controls access high performance power with a mechanical thermostat and a 60 minute timer with time-up alarm.

Turbofan Manual Control

Turbofan Digital Control

Digital Control

Digital Display features easy view settings with electronic accuracy.

Turbofan 20, 30 and H Series feature digital display, knob driven time and temperature control providing full electronic precision for time and temperature accuracy. The controls knobs are central return – simply turn to the left or right to alter time or temperature.

The One Touch

The One-Touch offers touch screen control with icon-driven program menu selection.

Choosing a touch screen model means making the most if intuitive functionality and pre-programming usability. Here, the icon-driven menu makes for uncomplicated training of staff, consistent quality is a touch of the screen away.

The touch screen features manual and pre-programmed operating modes, individual shelf control, multi-stage cooking and optional core temperature probe.

Turbofan One Touch Control

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