Sustainable Seafood on the Menu

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Restaurants around Australia are showing their support for more sustainable ways of producing seafood with dishes featuring seafood from certified sustainable fisheries on their menus tomorrow to mark Sustainable Seafood Day.It will be the fifth time the event organised by the Marine Stewardship Council has been held in Australia with each year the increasing rise of certified sustainable fisheries making it easier for chefs and restaurants to choose seafood they know comes from these sources.“A growing number of fisheries in Australia, and worldwide, want to show their commitment to sustainable fishing by getting certified to the MSC environmental standard for sustainable fisheries,” says MSC manager Australia and New Zealand Patrick Caleo.“They want to do this because they’re proud of their contribution to the health of the oceans, and because, increasingly, consumers are insisting on products sourced from well-managed fisheries that are helping to safeguard supplies for future generations.”See full story

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