Super Wok by 888Woks

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Introducing the SuperWok by Wok888

Their most powerful wok yet.

Award-winning design

The Waterless Wok system has won several awards for it’s innovative design. The SuperWok is based on this design and features a huge 160MJ burner that can boil 2 litres of water in just over 2 minutes!


Ideal for a busy restaurant setting where service speed is important. The SuperWok can save up to 1.6 million litres of water** whilst providing the maximum burner output to ensure your food is cooked faster and at a lower cost to you. Contact us to nd out about how the SuperWok can benet your kitchen today.

Super wok Key Features include:

Waterless Wok

Knee operated tap (Optional Extra)

,60MJ high output burner

Available as single, double or triple burner

Government Rebates available to elligible businesses. 

Standard 888Wok Features include:

Available in a Single ring or Double ring wok table manufactured with your choice of Chimney burner or Duckbill burner

A 5-12sec swivel laundry arm is provided with knee operated water control tap for filling of wok bowl and washing purposes

No water is required for table cooling - reduce water bill

A drainage channel is provided in the front of the unit and is recessed to collect spillage from the wok table, a removable mesh strip is provided to catch large items before entering drainage

Seperate gas connection for each burner, “ON-OFF” ball valve for high or low flame operation

Secondary air; is drawn up through the front control panel and openings around burner and combustion chamber keeping table cool

Stainless steel finish

Energy efficient, reduced gas consumption uses 96Mj’s of gas to produce the same amount of cooked food

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