Soup up your menu with a Soup Kettle!

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Soups maximise value for you and your customers Soups maximise value for you and your customers.

Winter is definitely here so it is time to spice up your menu with high profit margin products and pre-made soups, kept hot in a soup kettle from Sydney Commercial Kitchens, will definitely fit the bill for achieving a profitable outcome for your business.

Soups are nutritious, warming, and you can offer a different style almost everyday. There are chowders, broths, consommés and bisques. They can be meat or vegetable based. The only limit with soup is your imagination.

Here are some great reasons to add soup to your menu.

1. Winter root vegetables are becoming more popular with consumers and they add plenty of flavour in a soup.

2. Minimise food wastage by using imperfect food that wouldn't look good on a plate.

3. Soups appeal to health concious customers.

4. Soups are pre-prepared, so even when your kitchen is at its busiest they can be easily served.

5. Eat in or take out, by the cup or in a bowl, there is a soup for everyone.

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