Soup is a nutritious winter meal option

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Beef soup is a Winter Warmer Winter Warmers

"Of all the items on the menu, soup is that which exacts the most delicate perfection and the strictest attention,""

Auguste Escoffier

French chef, restaurateur and culinary writer who popularized and updated traditional French cooking methods.

The first winter chill has definitely arrived.

This morning on the golf course it was cold. Admittedly with a 6:40am tee time it was always going to be, but the temperature never really rose above 13°C.

After our round we repaired to the clubhouse where I went up to the kitchen to order a nice bowl of hot soup.

Sadly soup wasn't on the menu and while a hot coffee still warmed me it just didn't feel the same.

Soup is a great profit maker.

Hot Soup doesn't cost much to produce but it also has the potential to deliver a high profit margin. You can even buy in pre-made soups as an option, if you don't have the room in your kitchen to make your own. While this is an option you must understand that the person who makes the soup makes the most profit.

With a little creativity you can have many different styles using the same base broth.

Soup is seen as a healthy option

Soup is also considered a healthy food option, packed full of nutrients and almost certainly my wife would order a bowl during winter while she is out and about.

While pumpkin soup is always a crowd pleaser these days I prefer to have some protein with every meal. This is no different with my soup choices. And I am not alone with this preference.

So, when you are deciding on your soup varieties don't overlook a beef broth, with real beef pieces included with the vegetables. Or perhaps a chicken and vegetable soup.

Soup Kettles are the way forward

Roband Australia carefully sources a selection of commercial food service products that are manufactured overseas to meet the diverse needs of Australian food service establishments.

Roband Australia offers stylish soup kettles for attractively displaying and marketing your soup to customers whilst keeping it at the desired serving temperature.

Promote your soup offering appealingly in the Robalec Soup Kettle. With a large 10.8 litre capacity and power saving design, the Robalec Soup kettle is right at home in any commercial situation.

Soup will always be a much loved menu choice for Australians, particularly in winter.

Roband Soup Kettles Robalec Soup Kettle

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