9 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Invest in Smeg Professional Dishwashers


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9 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Invest in Smeg Professional Dishwashers

Smeg Professional Dishwashers

At the beginning of 2011, Smeg Australia began to offer its range of professional Foodservice products on the Australian market bringing, Years of experience in international markets. With Smeg Professional Dishwashers, you get Italian design, engineering and manufacture, and excellent technological know-how in design and fabrication, resulting in innovative and functional solutions. Which guarantees your restaurant perfect washing results every time.

Smeg professional dishwashers represent the natural evolution of more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of dishwashers. SMEG professional dishwashers are made in Italy and dedicated to bars, restaurants and social venues. 

Characterised by technology-rich washing solutions, these dishwashers allow reduced power consumption, quality results and guaranteed hygiene combined with a distinctive design. Remarkably silent and with attention to detail, they are categorised into specific models, including Dishwashers, Glasswashers, Hood type dishwashers, Fresh water system dishwashers and Utensil washers. Smeg has also developed specific series within each of the various models, differentiated by their functions, technical characteristics, and wash types (Topline, Easyline, Ecoline, SWT).

9 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Invest in Smeg Professional Dishwashers


SMEG FRESH WATER system dishwashers, entirely made in Italy, are perfect for disinfecting, sanitising, and sterilising. Well suited to nursing homes, offices, preschools and all contexts requiring compliance with the highest hygiene standards.

The unique double basket configuration will accommodate crockery, cups, plates and glassware, even on the larger side. So the 7 programs makes it highly flexible to use with rapid cycles and washer disinfector cycles at 93°C with complete water replacement after each wash cycle, thus guaranteeing maximum hygiene (it reaches levels A0 >600).

All models include special programs and features enhancing their versatility while guaranteeing the best results and energy savings, and a steam condenser eliminates the steam before the door is opened.

For more than 30 years, Smeg Foodservice has been dedicated to the needs of modern foodservice professionals...


Smeg professional dishwashers with over 40 years of experience built a reputation as technical expertise in product design and construction. Allowing the creation of innovative solutions guaranteeing maximum comfort in the workplace and excellent results...


Several models are equipped with the HTR - High Temperature Rinse - system, which guarantees control of the rinse water pressure and temperature.

The rinse pump maintains a constant water flow regardless of the mains pressure. This guarantees efficient rinsing and rapid drying once the drawer is opened... 


The S.H.R.+ (Steam Heat Recovery) system extracts the steam from washing and rinsing. Then, it condenses inside the back of the dishwasher. The steam is then converted into hot water, which is used to fill the boiler. The system reduces the power needed to heat the rinse water by up to 30% and eliminates the cloud of steam when the hood is opened at the end of the cycle...


The double wall structure and thermal acoustic insulation of the wash chamber, combined with the optimised water circuit for a less turbulent water flow, make the TOPLINE models the most silent (just 53 db (A)) in their category...


Excellent protection against splash water is guaranteed by the meticulous design of the machine structure. So Smeg Dishwashers are classified with an IPX4 protection rating and compliant with the CEI EN 60529 standard.

So, all dishwashing machines comply with the strictest manufacturing safety standards.


The "Cycle Clean" function allows combining the selected program with the total replacement of the tank water. This means the machine uses fresh water for every wash cycle, fully emptying and refilling the tank each time. This function is perfect for situations where the items needing to be washed are really dirty or the requested hygiene standards are exceptionally high


The filtering system in a dishwasher is critical because it traps and eliminates the dirt from the dishes, thus allowing less use of power, detergent and water. The new patented P.D.S.+ (Partial Drain System) filtering system combines a new microfilter with 3 increasing filtration levels, a 45% larger filtering surface and a system for the partial draining of the tank water between washing and rinsing. Smeg aims are to exceed test results per standard EN50593, reducing machine management costs.


Smeg designs its entire range of professional equipment reserving special attention to integrating environmental protection requirements. So Smeg believes in giving the utmost attention to using materials that can easily be recycled through proper waste sorting.

To improve the ecological footprint of its products, Smeg strictly observes the European Directives on RoHS and REACH, keeping well below the minimum legal values. So Smeg adopts an internal regulation to further extend their restrictions on using substances considered potentially hazardous.

  • ROHS - RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). The RoHS Directive provides for strict restrictions on using hazardous materials and substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium VI, polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs).
  • REACH - REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). REACH is a system governing the management of chemical substances, the regulation of which is intended to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment.

Smeg Professional Dishwashers Models


Smeg Topline Dishwasher - Professional dishwashers in the TOPLINE series are developed and manufactured in Italy. TOPLINE Dishwashers are designed to satisfy the most demanding users in terms of wash performance, energy savings and ease of use.

All models feature a touchscreen control panel with icons and an HTR rinse system.

Versions are also available with automatic regeneration water softeners.


Smeg Easyline Dishwasher - The professional dishwashers in the Easyline series have a double wall structure, drain pump and peristaltic detergent-rinse aid dosers.

A practical and intuitive detergent-rinse aid dosers.

A practical and intuitive electronic front panel guarantees ease of use right from the outset, reducing staff training times.


Smeg Ecoline Dishwasher - The new range of electronically controlled, single-wall professional dishwashers. Made in Italy and dedicated to bars, restaurants and social venues. Tanks with moulded base, drain pump, detergent, and rinse aid dosers. The Ecoline range combines quality, simplicity and a complete fit-out.


Smeg SWT Range Dishwasher - The new double basket FRESH WATER system dishwashers allow simultaneous washing of mixed and diversified loads, guaranteeing excellent results for all types of crockery. So Smeg professional Dishwashers are designed to be flexible in terms of operation and adapt to multiple uses such as B&Bs, offices, nursing homes or preschools.

The range includes models with short cycles and Washer Disinfector programs, making these models particularly suited to use in nursing homes and hospitals, where guaranteed hygiene standards are a priority.

So if you're looking to get a Commercial Dishwasher, then you can see why a Smeg dishwasher is a good investment for your restaurant.

Your Smeg Professional Dishwasher will give efficient dishwashing, time and labour savings, increased productivity, consistent results, cost savings, durability and reliability, compliance with health and safety regulations, and ease of use and maintenance. So it will contribute to a more efficient, hygienic, and cost-effective dishwashing process in your restaurant,  enhancing your overall operations and customer experience.

Smeg Professional Dishwashers

Smeg Professional Dishwashers Models

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