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A new world of possibilities. After more than 50 years of innovation in large kitchens, we are still keeping abreast of the times and the ever-changing requirements of today’s kitchens are reflected in our current range of products.

The new generation of Fagor Advance combi ovens opens a new world of possibilities. In line with Fagor Industrial’s philosophy, these ovens have been designed to get the most out of professional kitchens, whatever the type or size of business.


This generation of combi ovens is available in three ranges: ADVANCE PLUS, ADVANCE and ADVANCE CONCEPT. Each of these ranges is available in five sizes and in gas and electric options to offer each customer a solution which is fully suited to their space and specific requirements.

Advance ovens are designed to be the most technologically advanced range of combi ovens available on the market and are made for professionals who do not want to sacrifice any functionality. They have the highest performance on the market, achieving a perfect balance between cooking quality, simplicity, efficiency and safety.

Advance ovens incorporate state of the art features in terms of technology and software and are easy to use thanks to their intuitive touch screen menu and their full range of applications for monitoring, maintenance, configuration and logging of cooking events. Above all, the Fagor Advance combi ovens are versatile, robust and designed to last.

Designed To Get The Most Out Of Kitchens

• Eco Steaming: continuous, independently generated steam for perfect cooking and healthy foods
• HA Control: constant temperature control for unequalled flavours and aromas
• EZ Sensor: the highest precision for optimum results and maximum accuracy
• Fagor Touch: all options at the touch of a finger via easy-to-clean, durable, glass-sealed touchscreens
• Fagor Combi OS: the operating system knows no bounds and offers multiple cooking programmes for even cooking, simultaneously in different trays
• Combi Clean: perfect hygiene and assured safety via the automatic cleaning system

Robust and Durable Ovens, Designed to Last

• Weld-free, seamless, hygienic cooking chamber to prevent dirt accumulating
• Ergonomic and robust door handle
• Robust and stable trolley for better manoeuvrability
• Reinforced double glass door to minimise heat loss
• High productivity in minimal space
• 100% stainless steel: ovens are built in austenitic stainless steel with the internal chamber made from AISI-304 for resistance and strength
• Removable gasket
• Hold-open door system
• Built in condensation tray (drip tray)

Multiple Applications, Simple and Intuitive

Designed to meet high expectations, the Advance combi ovens offer a range of features which incorporate the latest technology and software available.*
• USB connection allows easy uploading or downloading of cooking recipes and also enables documentation of HACCP data to meet the highest standards of food safety.
• Monitor app permanently monitors the system, noting if any part of the oven is not in perfect working condition.
• Maintenance app allows technicians to determine the working conditions and state of each component in the oven, saving time and effort in after-sales maintenance operations
• Configuration app gives technicians the possibility to adjust parameters for fan speed, type of gas, condensation time, water draining etc.
• Log file app automatically records cooking events in order to provide an audit trail for the oven’s activity

Efficient Technical Support

• Single-access maintenance point guarantees easy access to all hardware and circuitry components from one side of the oven
• Steam generator designed to make maintenance and technical support operations easy
• Operational parameters can be easily adjusted to suit local geographic conditions such as altitude and atmospheric pressure via the auto-calibration function
• Easy plug-and-play injector replacement system so ovens can be easily and safely modified to suit either natural gas or LPG

10 Reasons to Choose An Advance Oven

- An oven for every professional need: whatever the need is, there is an Advance oven to suit

- Easy to use: Advance ovens are simple. Features include self-explanatory, intuitive interfaces, ergonomic probes and door handles, automatic cleaning systems and touch-control

- Excellent results, minimal losses: thanks to the power steam generator and the optimal temperature distribution via a chamber design with side fans, Advance ovens achieve excellent cooking results with minimal losses, greater juiciness, greater uniformity of heat distribution, consistent cooking and, above all, greater precision throughout the entire cooking process

- Savings on maintenance: Advance ovens offer dozens of features to save time and money in after-sales operations, including a single-access point for maintenance, configuration app, maintenance app and auto-calibration function

- Greater hygiene: fresh, pure water steam in Advance ovens is continually renewed and combustion occurs outside the cooking chamber. Food safety features include HACCP documentation, seamless rounded-edge cooking chambers, removable gaskets and precision probes

- Improved work environment: the opening system, the probe with an ergonomic handle, the trolleys with greater manoeuvrability, the silent burners and the advanced self-cleaning systems all improve the safety and comfort of the work environment

- Durability: the new generation Advance ovens incorporate advanced structural features such as ergonomic handles, double-glass doors and dual wheel castors and are robust ovens, designed to last

- Greater productivity: small oven footprints make optimum use of space in professional kitchens

- Energy efficiency: Fagor remains firmly committed to caring for the environment. Advance ovens have high efficiency burners which emit less CO and use resources efficiently
,0. Value for money: Advance ovens offer market-leading features at value prices

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