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Restaurant & Catering Australia is delighted to see the Minister for Small Business, the Hon. Katrina Hodgkinson roll out a year-long voluntary trial of the star-rated system for the Scores on Doors Program.Restaurant & Catering Australia believes restaurants and café owners as well as the consumer prefer a star rating system when deciding on which restaurant or café to dine in.Mr John Hart, Chief Executive Officer of Restaurant & Catering, says the Scores on Doors program which now uses the star rating system is more acceptable to all concerned rather than the ‘letter grading’ system previously offered by the NSW Food Authority.After numerous consultations with the NSW Food Authority, Restaurant & Catering called for the change to the ‘letter grading system’ and implement the ‘star rating’ rating system as used in Brisbane. He went on to say “if the Eat Safe program is to become the national standard it needs to be consistent across all states and not create confusion for consumers by having different grading systems in each state.The Association will continue to support voluntary national Scores on Doors program, which allows restaurateurs and café owners to decide on whether to use this program or not. However, Restaurant & Catering Australia calls on the Minister to scrap the ‘Name and Shame’ program in NSW as the two programs cannot work together.

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