Sanitising tables & chairs for customers

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Sanitising tables & chairs for customers

Keeping chairs clean for your customers Keeping chairs clean for your customers

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is under control and hospitality businesses start to re-open it will become more important than ever to ensure your hospitality furniture is easily cleaned and maintained.

In the future your cleaning regime should include the regular sanitising and cleaning of your cafe furniture, almost certainly after every customer has departed. Possibly this might be just wiping down arm rests and leading edges between customers but you will also have to schedule a more thorough cleaning cycle to maintain the hygiene standards.

This is not just commonsense, I suspect that your customers will come to expect this.

Furnlink Hospitality Tables and Chairs

Our supplier, Furnlink have produced this video to show how easy it is to keep their tables and chairs hygenically clean and sanitised.

Furnlink show how easy it is to keep your cafe chairs and tables hygenic

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